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Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

By Jesse Utz 

Tripping with seniors 2017


I was honored to be asked to go on the senior trip this year. This class is jammed full of special personalities, funny characters and future stars looking to make their mark in the world and on each other. So here is a recap of our trip to Seattle.

At 5 a.m. Friday we met at the school, zombies staggering around with bags on our shoulders, sleep in our eyes and begging for coffee. We started our journey across the state; soon sleepiness turned to anticipation as we left the desert and entered the plush greenness on the other side.

First stop was the underground Seattle tour, a history of how Seattle got started and the villains and heroes involved. Walking underneath the streets and buildings of the Emerald City was quite an experience and all the information being given was soaked up by the seniors, although we were commonly distracted by pigeons and street people.

From there we walked to the Pike Place Market and watched the bright eyes open up further with the smells and sights of fresh fish being thrown and rainbows of color from the fresh flowers. This class is full of musically talented young adults, and the street performers were just as talented downtown. More than once a small group of Raiders could be found watching the drummers, singers and other gifted people as they performed for change. A twinkle could be seen in most of their eyes and a special few purchased fanny packs of which they were now very proud.

Then off to MoPOP, the museum of pop culture. This is where most of the kids blossomed with excitement. Music, movies, and other cultural experiences danced on the walls and exhibits. One of my favorite parts of the trip happened here. Will Friedlander, Jerry Palmer, Camden Williams and Jazmine Reed performed a jam session of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” in a sound booth. All who could squeezed in to the booth to listen. They were great. I even cracked the door a few times so the other visitors could listen and they all gathered around to do so. They were awesome, and I was very proud at that moment to be a Raider.

We also went to the Crab Pot, rode the Ferris wheel and went to the zoo, but the other highlight for me was at the paintball course. It was Charlie Michel becoming the super assassin of paintball and emerging with the biggest smile. She mowed them down and only got hit once with a shot that just grazed her. I can still hear Quincy Williams yelling “Charlie!” after being hit numerous times by her.

The trip was an outstanding time. I am so proud of this class and their accomplishments. They have overcome and pushed forward over injuries, situations and obstacles over which they had little control. They have emerged on the other side as respectable adults, and I cannot wait to see them conquer a world full of cloudiness and uneasiness and make it their own. So here is to the class of 2017, I tip my hat to you and can’t wait to buy your records and watch you become doctors and accountants and whatever else your dreams guide you to. You will be whatever you decide to be.

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