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5/30 - A woman who lives on Wetzel Street told an officer that an American bulldog is running loose in her neighborhood and that, while walking on Bowen Street the dog urinated on her. Police tried to contact the owner of the dog but no one was home.

- Police went to a house on Wetzel Street on a domestic violence call and found that a man and woman had been shouting at each other. They were told to keep the noise down.

- A traffic sign was sheared off at the ground at East Grand and Washington Place in Electric City. The city crew was notified.

5/31 - A resident at Butler Square was warned about a barking dog and advised that if the complaints continue they will be cited.

- Police directed traffic after a vehicle lost a wheel on SR-155, below the dam. When the wheel was re-attached the vehicle moved on.

- Police checked on a person who had been using the crawl space underneath Hill Avenue Apartments.

6/1 - Plant Protection complained about a suspicious package near the overlook area just above Grand Coulee Dam. The USBR security officer refused to go near the item. Police found that it was a bucket that held yellow paint used to paint stripes on the highway. The bucket was disposed of.

- Residents at Lakeview Boulevard NE thought someone was in their attic because they saw a light coming from it. Police discovered it was as reflection coming off the light fixture.

6/2 - Police stopped an Inchelium woman on Federal Avenue after an officer noticed a white garbage bag completely filled one window. The woman was cited for driving with a suspended license, having no insurance, and for the vision problem with the bag.

6/3 - Someone drove through the barricades at the golf course.

Police asked a man to prove the storage unit he was near was his as they found him kneeling on the ground going through stuff. He satisfied the officer’s request.

6/4 - Police arrested a man on Burdin Boulevard on a warrant and took him to Grant County jail.

- A driver was stopped in the Safeway parking lot because of a faulty tail lamp and an expired license tab. The Grand Coulee driver was cited for not having his driver license on his person, having no insurance, and on the expired tabs.

- Lincoln County authorities advised police that a wanted person was in a car that had just left Wilbur and was headed toward Grand Coulee. The vehicle was stopped and the person arrested on a warrant was then taken to Grant County jail.

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5/28 - Police were called to Columbia Avenue on a dog complaint.

- A family dispute attracted the attention of an officer. There wasn’t a problem in resolving the issue.

- An officer checked on a trespass complaint on Columbia Avenue.

5/30 - A man at the casino told police that a woman had taken his phone and failed to return it. Police checked on the woman and found that she was wanted on a warrant in connection with a theft charge.

- Police were still trying to unravel a situation where a woman who had tried to pick up her 3-year-old daughter on Cedar Street was refused.

- Police tried to locate a person at an apartment who was wanted on a drug charge. Police failed to locate the person.

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