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5/7 - A landlord on Burdin Boulevard was advised by police that he couldn’t just move a tenant out of his place without going through the eviction process.

- An Electric City woman was arrested and will be charged with fourth-degree assault domestic violence after scratching her boyfriend while the two were breaking up. She was taken to Grant County jail.

- A walkie talkie radio that a Bureau of Reclamation firefighter left at Safeway was returned to him by a police officer.

5/8 - A Grand Coulee man told police that he had received a call from a person claiming he was from the IRS and told to pay his taxes. He said it was a scam but wanted the police to know about it.

5/9 - Police tried to locate a man in Electric City wanted on two warrants for his arrest.

5/10 - A transient who had spent the night outside and was hungry was cited for taking a box of cookies at Safeway, and upon his request he was put on a bus going to Spokane.

- Police checked on a report that a homeless woman was sleeping in the back of a pickup parked at Continental Heights. Police could not locate her.

- Police were asked to check on an individual because the reporting party said he thought the person had had a stroke. Police checked, but the individual was not home.

- A request was made to help a person who had traveled in a powered wheelchair to Pleasant Valley to go fishing. Police assisted the person because the terrain made it impossible to return home.

- Police checked on a barking dog complaint on Young Street. The officer couldn’t hear any barking.

5/11 - Police were told that a dog owned by a man on C Street was starving. The officer found the dog to be OK.

- Police stepped between a pair of drivers who were discussing whether one had pulled out in front of the other. Police told one driver he was getting close to road rage, which is an offense. The two parties went their own way. Later the officer learned that the driver who was so upset was wanted on a warrant from Spokane for a similar offense. He was mailed a citation.

5/12 - Plant Protection asked that a person parked below the Visitor Center be asked to move the vehicle. Police did and the driver moved.

5/13 - Five juveniles were banned from the Grand Coulee Library after one of them drew male genitalia on the front window with a spray can. The one who did the drawing could be charged with malicious mischief.

- A man who reportedly was supposed to supervise an 8-year-old child left the child at the carnival at night. Carnival authorities notified police, and the child was taken to a place to warm up. Police are recommending that the man, an uncle from Nespelem, be charged with third-degree abandonment of a dependent person.

5/14 - Officers were called to Electric City Bar and Grill when a fight got started. One person reportedly got hit in the head by a chair from behind. Another person had been punched. By the time police got there, a number of people were jumping in their cars, leaving the area. The person who had been punched in the face declined to have medical attention. Police looked for a suspect, but couldn’t find him.

5/15 - A man on Sandy Lane in Electric City reported that someone broke into his storage shed and took a weed trimmer valued at $200.

Coulee Dam


5/6 - Boys who were playing on school equipment late in the evening and had their music volume turned up too high were advised to keep it turned down and that it was time to go home. The boys left for home.

5/9 - Police checked on a male subject who reportedly had threatened to jump off the Coulee Dam bridge. Police could not find anyone in the area, but were directed to a location on Columbia Avenue where the suspect might have a stolen car. Police were still investigating.

5/10 - A woman who was following a school bus too closely was stopped near the Visitor Center. The officer found that her license was suspended for unpaid traffic tickets. She was advised that she would be issued a ticket through the mail, and a licensed driver took charge of the car.

- A driver who was in the credit union parking lot was issued a warning for still having studded tires on, and for the car issuing smoke and having a broken lens on the taillight.

5/12 - A man was issued a citation for theft after he allegedly removed the radiator from an abandoned car at a Sixth and Holly Street parking lot. The man argued that it wasn’t stealing if the car was abandoned.

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