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4/30 - A woman who had just recently moved into a home on Sunny Drive in Electric City told police that she had punched the wrong button on her security system and it had sounded the alarm.

5/1 - A Prins Place resident called police to report a suspicious person wearing a “wife beater” T-shirt and jeans. Police talked to the “suspicious person” and found that he was walking on private property trying to find a place where he could get cell phone service so he could call his “old lady.” Police told him to stay off private property.

- Police made a traffic stop near Safeway, during which the driver took off running up past the UPS delivery area. After he was finally located hiding in the grass, police found multiple warrants for his arrest. He got a ride to the Grant County jail in Ephrata.

- Police noticed the gate at the USBR’s 230 kV switchyard was open. It was open for workers of Bonneville Power Administration. Later when police checked the area they found that the gate was still open, so Plant Protection was notified.

- Plant Protection advised police that the alarm on Door 2 at the 500 kV switchyard was going off. Police had checked that area about 30 minutes before, and at that time the door was secured. The officer’s card would not work in the door and Plant Protection was advised.

- A driver was stopped for going 45 mph in a 35 mph zone near Butler Square and could not produce a valid registration. He was cited for the speed and license tab problem and then later the man contacted the officer to report that his wife had purchased new tabs. The officer told the man to “tell it to the judge” when he went to court.

- USBR Plant Protection reported that a man was roaming around Security Gate 2. Police talked with the man from Manitoba, Canada, who reported that he was in the area to bid on a project and was checking to find out where he needed to go. He was told he was in the right area, but couldn’t go through the gate.

5/2 - A driver who failed to make a full stop at Four Corners was pulled over near North Dam Park and issued a citation for that and for not having valid insurance.

- A woman on Electric Boulevard in Electric City told police that a man operating a weed eater sent a rock to her window, breaking it.

- A man from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, who was shouting profanities near Dill Avenue and saying he would fight anyone, was arrested and taken to Grant County jail on a charge of disorderly conduct.

5/3 - A report that burglars had stolen items and fled in a red truck appeared to be false as officers checked Electric City’s public works building and found it secure.

- A man wearing a red shirt was reported as walking through people’s property on Burdin Boulevard. Police arrived and found a man shirtless, but carrying a red shirt. Police told him to stay out of private property. He said he was waiting for a bus to take him back to Soap Lake.

- A man on Burdin Boulevard was mailed a citation after his two dogs attacked a dog being walked by a resident. Police stated that the dogs might be listed as dangerous dogs.

- Police checked on a report that a woman was begging for money or cigarettes and had a syringe sticking out of her bra. The officer couldn’t find the woman at the Electric City location given.

- A caller on Burdin Boulevard told police he had seen a wolf and that it was headed toward Highway 174.

5/4 - Emergency workers wanted police to check on a woman they said had taken a swing at one of them before leaving. An officer stopped the woman, who had a swelling on her forehead and was wanted on a warrant for her arrest. The jail was not accepting females at the time, so the officer called her family. A member came and took charge of her.

- Police responded to a complaint about a man at Electric Place in Electric City who was reportedly walking in circles and yelling at himself and garbage cans. Police told the man to go home and stop going onto other people’s property. Later the same day he was yelling at horses and tossed a rock at one of them. The owner of the horse asked that police ban him from his property. Still later the same day the man was on Jackson Avenue walking up and down a fence line, talking to himself and punching into the air. When he started talking with children, the property owner called police, who advised the man again to stay away from other people’s property.

- A suspicious incident near the city shop was explained when police noted that flashers on a truck had alerted nearby residents.

5/5 - Two males who were using the women’s restroom at the park below the Visitor Center “because it was cleaner” were questioned by police, who learned that one was wanted on a warrant for his arrest. He was taken to Okanogan County jail, and the other male was released.

5/6 - There was a report of an injured deer on the highway near the top of the dam. The animal was gone when police arrived.

- An Electric City man who had been acting strangely was reported as urinating on a woman’s garbage can on Electric Boulevard to keep two children who kept entering his vehicles to stop. The officer tried to contact the children’s mother, but she wasn’t home. The officer will try later.

- A bear was located near Coulee Hardware and later went up a tree near Burdin Boulevard and Third Street. Officers kept people away from the tree, and eventually the bear came down and continued on its way.

5/7 - An Electric City man was arrested for stealing rolls of toilet paper from the restroom at North Dam Park. He had also damaged equipment there. A police officer caught the man leaving the restroom with several rolls of toilet paper in his possession. The man told the officer that it wasn’t stealing because it was a public restroom. He later told the officer that he was associated with Homeland Security and said, “You will pay right after the traitorous Christian churches.” He was taken to Grant County jail on chareges of third-degree theft and malicious mischief.

Coulee Dam


4/29 - An alarm company reported a security alarm at the police department.

5/2 - A school bus driver told police that she had misjudged distance when the bus she was driving struck a car. The two drivers exchanged information and police followed up by checking both vehicles.

- A fraudulent $20 check was deposited along with other funds from the Nespelem Junior Rodeo. The information was forwarded to the Secret Service, the report stated.

- An unlicensed vehicle was towed from a property at Cedar Street. The vehicle was parked on a town street.

5/3 - Police checked a report of suspicious activity on Camas Street. Police found a couple sitting on a wall who explained that they were trying to get the attention of a resident there where they had been staying.

5/5 - A man whose vehicle still had studded tires on it was stopped, and police found that the driver had a warrant out for his arrest. He was taken to Okanogan County jail.

5/6 - A driver was stopped for going 10 mph over the speed limit on the Elmer City Access Road. A check found that the driver’s license had been suspended. The man was cited and a licensed driver took charge of the vehicle.

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