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4/25 - A driver from Orting was issued a citation for driving with a suspended license and not having an ignition interlock device after police responded to a suspicious person complaint from a woman on Goodfellow Avenue in Electric City.

- Officers stopped a vehicle that had expired tabs near the former middle school. When the vehicle stopped, two persons from the car fled, leaving three still inside. Two of those remaining in the car were wanted on warrants for their arrest and were detained. The driver was cited for the license infraction and for not having insurance. Officers found one of those who ran inside a garage and the second one in a residential bedroom. The man in the garage was also wanted on a warrant for his arrest and was detained. The man who fled into the residence was wanted on three warrants for his arrest and was detained.

4/26 - Two vehicles parked in the alley behind the NAPA Auto Parts store were tagged for removal for blocking the alley. One of the owners was contacted, and the woman said she would relocate the vehicle.

- While on patrol, an officer saw a man known to be wanted on a warrant for his arrest. He was taken to Grant County jail.

4/27 - An officer answering a dog complaint on Jackson Street in Electric City found out why the man was complaining about the dog when it aggressively ran out at him. The officer pepper sprayed the dog, and though he tried, could not contact the owner.

- A person complained about a black Labrador dog somewhere around Third and Fourth Streets in Electric City. Later, a city employee said that the dog had returned to its owner and had a blue muzzle on it.

- Police contacted a woman at East Grand Coulee Avenue to serve her two subpoenas and travel money so she could appear in court in California.

4/28 - A boy riding a dirt bike on Section Place was told by his parents that he was grounded. He had attracted attention from Grant County Sheriff officers who had asked Grand Coulee to handle the problem for them.

- Police stopped a Coulee Dam driver above the dam after radar showed he was driving 10 mph above the speed limit. The driver did not have a valid driver’s license and was cited for that and for speeding. A licensed driver came and took charge of the vehicle.

4/29 - Police checked on a person needing medical attention at Continental Heights. A woman there who was suspected of being under a controlled substance refused medical attention and, after gathering her things, left the apartment. The man at the apartment said she could come back later.

Coulee Dam

4/18 - Police checked on a report that someone was hanging ropes off the side of the bridge. The officer found it was a representative of the Environmental Protection Agency taking water samples.

4/23 - A person on Camas Street reported to police that two dogs had chased a cat onto their property and mauled it to death. The officer talked to a woman where the dogs were kept, who said they belonged to her brother, who was out of town. The officer told the woman that the dogs could be classified as “dangerous animals” with appropriate restrictions. The officer’s report stated that he would talk to the owner of the dogs when he returned.

- A woman on Cedar Street said a woman who had been walking on the sidewalk turned around and walked away when she saw her. Then a man yelled at her and she returned to meet him; they embraced and the man put something in her hand which she put in her purse. The caller thought it might be a controlled substance.

4/24 - A man on Tulip Street reported that a pit bull had jumped the fence and was in his kennel playing with his dog. He stated he didn’t know who owned the dog.

4/26 - A man who made inappropriate remarks at Harvest Foods was banned from the store. Police told him that if he returned he would be arrested.

4/27 - Police checked on a report of a man and a woman in dispute at the baseball field. Police talked with the pair and found that there was a restraining order against the man contacting the woman. However, police could not determine who made the first contact.

- A driver was stopped for exceeding the speed limit and the officer found that her vehicle license had expired. She was cited for that infraction.

- A man moving his van at the Visitor Center told police that his foot had slipped off the brake when he ran into the officer’s patrol car, causing more than $1,200 damage.

4/29 - A driver was stopped because the officer could not read his license plate and it was discovered that the man had been drinking. When asked, the man said he had been drinking all day. He was cited for driving while under the influence of alcohol and for driving with a suspended license.

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