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Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

By Jesse Utz 

Easter Beauty

Jess Shut Up


Last weekend was Easter, and while some were searching for some bunny to get chocolate and eggs from, I was searching for the “Beauty of Christ.”

I had been given an assignment and was to speak at church on Sunday morning. Three of us had really, and we all had different characteristics of our savior’s name to dive into and come out on the other side. Mine was Beautiful. Another was Powerful and the third was Wonderful. We all went about the task differently, but the end product was very moving. I cannot tell you about the journeys of the other two, but I can tell you mine.

It was a very busy couple of weeks for me. I chaperoned a five-day conference with kids over spring break, there was a wedding that was pretty important, and I was to receive an award. Also, regular life was going on in between there while I was searching for the Beauty in Christ’s name. Then on Thursday before Easter, it all hit for me and what I was supposed to do and say. Little did I know then that God was already orchestrating his message for the Sunday gatherers.

You see, one of the other speakers had been trying to get in touch with the rest of us all week and was just unable to do so. Phones, social media and other things just weren’t working for him. I believe that if he had gotten through, we all might have changed what we were planning, or should I say what God was planning.

We all showed up Sunday morning with different plans, ideas and words. It all fit together perfectly like only God can create. Beautiful, Wonderful and Powerful became more than just words, speeches and prayers. Those words became part of something that happened long ago and we were reminded that all three are mixed into one and all used together to relate to, talk with and walk with a risen God.

Seeing yourself on the cross, seeing the experience life brings and feeling the power in a prayer all swirl together and tell a story of a relationship that is waiting for us all if we choose it. God will be with us anyway, but it is when we reach out to him that it all comes together.

Yes, he died on a cross for our sins, but it is not about our sins. It is about what happened three days later. He rose. Just like we must. Forget our sins and mistakes, they do not define us. But look to our futures and what lies ahead. Where is God leading you? Where is he leading me? A new life and a new world await us all if we are willing to grab hold of the same hand what was pierced on the cross and fulfilled scripture when he walked out of the grave three days later, still holding on to us with that hand.

I hope your Easter was filled with joy and happiness. Not to mention Beauty, Wonder and Power.

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