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Grand Coulee


4/11 - Dispatch advised police that that a man smelling of alcohol had been reported as leaving a local business and getting into his car. Police looked for the vehicle but it was out of the area by the time the officer arrived.

- Police advised two men that they could neither enter the area by the Bureau of Reclamation administration office nor by the small waterfall. The two were banned from BOR property. The two said they understood.

- The manager of property on Third Street in Electric City told police that someone was inside a vacant apartment there. The woman said she heard voices inside and she and another person found two hammers near the front door and each took one for protection. The parties inside fled when they heard police were coming. The apartment was secured.

4/12 - A caller on Miller Avenue North, in Electric City, told dispatch that he had been in a vehicle accident, hit his head and didn’t remember anything. When police arrived, he told the officer that he wasn’t in an accident but that he had fallen and hit his head. He was taken to a friend’s house on Kelso Street.

- It was reported to police that someone had ripped towel dispensers off the wall at the restrooms at North Dam Park.

- A woman living on E Street told police that a man had entered her house and slapped her in the face. The report stated that the woman was highly intoxicated and was lying on the ground when police arrived. She had a fresh cut on her right arm and said the man had done it. Police looked for “the man” to no avail.

4/13 - Dispatch advised police that there was a person at Coulee Medical Center with a stab wound. A nurse told police that the stabbing occurred near Lake Roosevelt Schools. Police called Coulee Dam police to follow up on the crime.

- Police told a woman who was yelling and cursing in Grand Coulee Park that she would have to leave. The woman said the officer had no right to put things in her head and wanted him to remove them. She left the park still yelling and cursing.

- A woman on E Street, who appeared to be intoxicated, according to the report, said there was a disturbance. Nothing was noted by the officer, who stated the door of the house was secured by rope. The officer was called away but was asked to come again. He couldn’t find anyone in the area.

- A woman on Hill Avenue stated to police that a man had tried to gain access to her vehicle. The officer couldn’t find anyone in the area.

- An officer who was told that seven shots had been fired between Electric City and Delano, couldn’t turn up anything. A person who was outside at the time said he didn’t hear any shots.

4/14 - An officer responded to a house on E Street, where the occupant complained that someone was trying to enter the home. Police stated it was the fourth such call from that person recently and nothing was found.

- Police banned a man from a residence on 2nd Street, where he had earlier been evicted. The man told police that he still had some belongings in the house. He was advised to go through the court system.

4/15 - A woman whose car was blocking the southbound lane on Highway 155 explained to police that she had run out of gas and was waiting for her mother to bring her some. She was cited for having no insurance, failing to renew her expired registration and for failing to carry her registration in her vehicle. She got her gas and was on her way.

- Plant Protection asked police to check on a vehicle at the lower parking area. Police advised the occupants of the car that they couldn’t park there because it was after hours. The party left.


Last week The Star mistakenly connected two separate Coulee Dam police reports, suggesting that they were about the same person. One incident was about an alleged peeping tom complaint at a residence on Columbia Avenue; the other was a trespass report. They did not involve the same person.

Coulee Dam Police

4/12 - Officers checked on a report of an attempted suicide on Columbia Avenue.

4/13 - Moses Lake dispatch alerted police to a reported assault on Tulip Street.

4/14 - Police looked for a woman who reportedly had almost been hit by a vehicle near Lake Roosevelt Schools. While looking for the woman, the officer was flagged down by a resident who said that she had come into his house and then left toward the school. The officer asked two girls walking in the area if they had seen the woman and were told she might be up near Tilmus Street. Tribal police alerted police about the woman and the officer told them that he had been looking for her to no avail.

4/15 - Police stopped a vehicle on Stevens Avenue and found that the driver had a revoked license.

- A Nespelem woman is being charged with two counts of assault after an incident at High Dam Tavern. When police arrived they found her on the floor of the tavern swinging her arms and legs. She finally went outside to sit on a bench and ended up striking one of the officers with her open hand, police said. Later, as the officers were placing her in the back of a patrol car, she allegedly kicked an officer on the chin. The woman was taken to Coulee Medical Center prior to Grant County jail.

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