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Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

By Jesse Utz 

The hard row to hoe

Jess Shut Up


The phrase “Life is just not fair” has been said by many of us many times over our lives or we have heard others say it. Even in my own life I have felt slighted or treated unfairly or even wronged by others or circumstances and just thought the world was against me. Things at times seem like we are sinking in the “quicksands” of life with nothing to grab hold of.

We have seen it at all levels, but there are times when a little ray of success blasts through the gloom and lifts our spirts out of the joy-sucking sand. A flower in a weed garden. A spark in the dark. The light at the end of the tunnel. We have heard all the descriptions and metaphors for a rough life, or a rougher time in our lives. But the one that always sticks with me is this: you will be better on the other side of this. My selfish response to that is, “I want it good on both sides,” but realistically it is the journey over the hard path that makes us better people.

Time and time again I have had the privilege of listening to some young ones tell me their story. I have heard many a heartbreaking life journey from the mouths of children, walking these trials and tribulations, showing very little sign of trauma on the outside and pulling something together that resembles a life, and presenting themselves to us all daily. No signs shown, no major malfunctions on the surface, but when asked and if they trust you, the tale that comes out makes you wonder how they even show up with a smile and hope.

For me, it was a loving Savior who got me through the bad times. I was able to cling to the Truth and learn from the mistakes, preparing myself for the rest of my journey. God is with those kids too, walking hand in hand with them in the most evil and dire situations. Most make it through. Others are consumed. I have found hope of my own in their stories of survival, because I know their journey was not traveled by themselves. The same God who got me out of the guck and mud did the same for them, and will do the same for you.

So why am I writing this kind of sad and gloomy column laced with an undertone of Saving Grace? Because there is a war going on in the hearts of men and women right now. You can call it good and evil or light and dark. Some just call it life. But whatever you call it, wherever you’re at in it, you are not alone. Reach out of the sinking sand and grab his outstretched hand. He is there and will pull you out of the death trap. Listen to the soft, still voice and open your heart to direction. He will save you if you let him. The joy you will receive from that save is astounding.

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