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3/12 - A dispute over a niece smoking pot at a Weil Place residence brought police. It was decided that the niece and uncle would leave the house for the night.

- A woman told police that she received a counterfeit $20 bill when getting change from Safeway. Police took the fake bill as evidence.

3/13 - Dispatch advised police that someone had been seen dropping off a bag in a field near East Grand Avenue in Electric City. Police looked but couldn’t find the reported bag.

- A woman called police to tell the officer that she had received a fake $20 bill. When police arrived at the scene, two men who had passed the bill told the officer that they didn’t know where it had come from. The officer took the fake $20 as evidence.

- A caller said that a woman walking down Martin Road appeared disoriented, with her hair all mussed up and her shirt torn. Police found the woman, who didn’t respond when asked if she was OK.

- A Grand Coulee officer provided backup for a Coulee Dam officer called to a residence for assistance.

3/14 - Police checked in on a man at Coulee Medical Center who told police that he had been hit by a car. People at the emergency room said they couldn’t detect any bruises or scrapes. The man changed his story both to Coulee Dam officers and a Grand Coulee officer. It wasn’t determined if the man had been hit or not.

3/15 - A report came to police that there was someone on Spokane Way that might be using drugs. The officer couldn’t find any suspect.

3/16 - A man on Hill Avenue told police that there had been a disturbance during the night outside his place and that in the morning he noticed that someone had peeled his tint strip off his vehicle. He estimated $150 damage.

- Police were told of a female trespasser by the waterfall near the Bureau of Reclamation headquarters. Police advised her she needed to leave, which she did.

3/17 - The manager of Spring Canyon Apartments told police they wanted to have a man banned from the facility. Police looked for the man, but he was not in the area when they arrived.

- There was a report of a man and woman living in a red Ford parked near Main Street and Federal Avenue. Police found a man in a sleeping bag in the back seat and a woman covered in the front street. The complaint stated that the man was urinating in full view of the public. The man told police that he had urinated in a can in the car and then set it outside. The man told the policeman that a person on the city crew said he could stay there for two weeks. The officer said it wasn’t true and then learned that the couple planned to move into a nearby apartment later the same day.

- A police officer picked up two children, 6 and 4, who were walking along the highway and were cold. They were taken to a residence on East Grand Coulee Avenue, where the parents lived. The officer noted that there was a foul food smell coming from the house and the parents were told that a report would be filed with Child Protective Services.

- A transient who gave his residence as Nespelem was charged with theft of a motor vehicle, possession of a stolen vehicle, resisting arrest, third-degree malicious mischief and driving while his license was suspended. He was taken to Grant County jail. Police said he had taken a vehicle near West Grand Avenue in Electric City and was finally found near Sky Deck Motel, where he resisted arrest.

3/18 - A woman told police that her husband was going to go from Delano and shoot the cook at a local restaurant. The husband was stopped, but said he didn’t plan to shoot anyone.

- A man who parked his trailer in the Washington Flats area was told by police that he couldn’t park there.

3/19 - A man smoking in the parking lot of B Street Bud told police he saw a man enter his car who walked away when he yelled at him. Another officer found the man identified by the smoker, arrested him for car prowling and took him to Grant County jail.

- Police advised two new residents who owned a pair of pit bull dogs who had threatened two young males that if he was called back because of the dogs they would be cited for the dogs being loose and not licensed.

- Two officers checked a report of a burglary in progress at a residence on Wenatchee Ave. NE. The officers found the door to the place open but couldn’t find anyone inside. The door was secured.

3/20 - A child in the Spring Canyon Apartments dialed 911 while playing with the phone.

- Police told a man who was knocking on doors on Boulder Street to stop doing it. He said he was just looking for a ride.

Coulee Dam


3/7 - A caller reported that a woman came out of a house on Cedar Street yelling, followed by a man in a robe also yelling. Police knocked on the door but no one answered.

3/8 - Police checked on an intoxicated man walking through the parking lot at Green Field. The officer determined that the man was not a threat and let him continue walking through the area.

3/10 - Police checked on a reported domestic dispute on Columbia Avenue and found a couple who had been in a verbal argument. The officer determined that everything was OK.

3/13 - A woman on Lincoln Street called for an officer to come and talk with her grown son, who was distressed and had been yelling at her and his brother. The officer tried to calm the man down and asked the woman to call 911 if her son got upset again.

- The fire alarm went off at the Coulee Dam Casino twice for no apparent reason.

3/16 - Police checked on a report that something suspicious was going on at a residence on Sixth Street. The report stated that someone with a flashlight was going through the house. It was determined that the party with the flashlight was related to the resident.

3/18 - Police recognized a driver known to have a suspended license and to be wanted on a warrant for his arrest. They stopped him on the Elmer City Access Road. The man’s vehicle was turned over to a licensed driver and he was taken to jail on the warrant.

3/19 - A driver was stopped on Tulip Street and the driver was cited for driving while his license was suspended. The car was parked and locked.

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