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By Jesse Utz 

Is it finally here?

Jess Shut Up


Although spring does not officially start until March 20, I feel something in the air. Along with feeling the brisk morning air, I am smelling the morning wetness, seeing the sprouting buds, hearing the early-morning song birds and feeling the itchiness that comes with pollen. Yep, spring is here.

After being held captive by the ice queen of a winter and the grumpy ground hog, we’ve made it to the thawing and warming process. Gardeners will be out tilling, weeding, raking and pruning, preparing for the bountiful harvest of seeds now in their heads and soon to be in the ground.

Fishermen who do not tread on the ice-covered lakes will soon have a bank and a lake to cast their cares into, in hopes of reeling in the glory of time well spent and a tasty meal. The boats will be unwinterized, dusted off and put to good floating. Both professional and hobbyist alike will partake in the ritual called “opening day.”

The sports of spring will spring up everywhere as well. Tracksters will be running and jumping, golfers will be driving and putting, ballers will be sliding and pitching, and “tennisers” will be backhanding and serving, all on every available court, field and course.

Kids will venture outside. Yes, they are allowed to do that. In search of bugs, baby critters and toys that were lost under the snow load. Adults will venture out too … to search for tools that were lost under the same snow. Hills will be climbed, mud will be conquered and walks will be grand.

This winter was a long and brutal one. It seemed that grey was the color of choice for most of it, and that darkness crept into our hearts; but now the light has come again and broken through the bitterness, bringing joy and renewal again. Enjoy it. Let the sun warm your skin. Relax in the outdoors again. Breathe it in deep and exhale. We made it.

Soon we will be complaining about the heat, mosquitoes and deer eating our tomatoes, but not yet. Not ’til after spring cleaning is complete, babies are all born and lawns have been groomed back to perfection. Yes, yes, spring is here at last.

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