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3/6 - Vandals did about $125 damage at Young’s Welding. Boys with long skateboards were thought to be responsible. The suspects tipped a display over and broke a rock, the police report stated.

3/7 - USBR Plant Protection was notified by a citizen of two small juveniles on the Coulee Dam bridge who appeared to be distraught. The department tried to contact Coulee Dam police, but when they couldn’t, a Grand Coulee officer drove to Coulee Dam. No one was on the bridge.

- Police assisted Coulee Dam and tribal police in serving a search warrant and an arrest warrant on a man. Police had to breach the door. The man was arrested and taken to jail.

- An officer checked on a report that two small children were holding a sign asking for money and food at Kent Street and Highway 155. Police took the girls to their home and advised the man there to look after the two girls and to get a license for the dog that was with them.

- A man who had been banned from Coulee Medical Center was issued a trespassing citation for being on the CMC property, where he had been going through garbage at the smoking area, looking for “smokes.”

- An officer checked on a trespass incident at a house on Third Street in Electric City. A neighbor told police that the suspect had left the area.

3/8 - Police stopped a vehicle going the wrong way on a one-way street near the hospital and found that a passenger was wanted on an arrest warrant. The driver was cited for driving with a suspended license, going the wrong way on a one-way street, having no proof of insurance, and for not carrying vehicle registration in the vehicle. The warrant out of Union Gap, Washington wasn’t confirmed, so the passenger went free.

- A woman told police that she thought she was being followed and recorded by another woman. The woman explained that she thought it was because she was involved in a custody dispute. She stated that the woman had earlier blocked her movement for a couple of minutes. Police told the woman to call 911 if the incident was repeated.

3/9 - An 18-year-old Grand Coulee man was cited for first-degree negligent driving, driving while his license was suspended, and as a minor in possession and consuming alcohol after an officer had to chase him before he stopped.

- A man called police from Arizona stating that he thought he had suffered an identity theft in regard to an IRS issue. Police said the IRS would handle any investigation.

- A man reported to police that he had found a breached safe and some papers on “Bunny Hill.” Police took the items as found property until the owner is contacted.

- Police assisted with a CPR issue on Stevens Avenue in Electric City until an ambulance arrived.

- A person called police from Burdin Boulevard to inform officers that it was thought that a neighbor was thought to be loading stolen items into his truck.

- A person who saw a flashlight beam reported that someone was entering an apartment on Main Street. The reporting party said the person in the apartment had been kicked out but was returning every other night or so. No one was in the apartment when the officer arrived.

3/10 - A person listed as an Electric City transient was arrested on an outstanding warrant and taken to Grant County jail. During a search, officers found a foil wrapped up containing a brown, burned residue. The material was sent to the Washington State Crime Lab for identification. Additional charges may be filed depending upon the lab report.

- Police checked on a report that someone had climbed through a window of a trailer near the Eagles Lodge. Police stopped a vehicle leaving the area. The driver said she had been visiting her boyfriend and didn’t know of anyone climbing through a window.

- An Electric City resident was cited for a violation of a trip permit and for driving with a suspended license.

3/11 - A Malaga, Washington, man who gave an officer considerable trouble in front of Banks Lake Pub was taken to Grant County jail after struggling with the officer. He faces charges of third-degree assault, intimidating a public servant, first-degree criminal trespass, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

- An officer responded to an issue in East Heights. It was reported that a vehicle was driving around the loop in the area. The officer went to the door of the residence where the suspect car was parked. A woman came to the door of the residence and, upon seeing the officer, said, “Wow, you are cute; sorry I am drunk.” The woman was told if she was seen driving while in that condition she would be arrested.

Coulee Dam


3/1 - A woman on Camas Street was advised that she was going to be cited for her two dogs running loose. When the officer went to the woman’s front door, one of the dogs bit his shoe. It wasn’t the first time that the woman’s dogs have been loose.

3/6 - A man with a suspended license was stopped because of the way he was driving and issued a citation. He was advised by the officer not to drive.

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