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2/17 - A Soap Lake man was arrested and is being charged with stealing a U-Haul vehicle and for having it in his possession. The truck was stopped near the Department of Transportation shop in Electric City and the man was taken to Grant County jail.

2/18 - An Inchelium woman was stopped and cited for going 41 mph in a 30 mph zone near Pole Park.

- Police were alerted after a Grand Coulee woman posted what was interpreted as a suicide message on Facebook. The woman later contacted police to assure the officer that she was OK.

- A convenience store clerk told police that a man with red curly hair took two six-packs of beer and ran out of the store without paying for them.

- Two Hill Avenue suspects are being charged with second-degree burglary and criminal conspiracy after an alleged attempt to steal two bottles of Fireball. The two had been banned from Safeway the week before. Police went to their residence but no one answered the door, so charges will be filed.

2/19 - Police stopped a vehicle near Flo’s Cafe because the license plate was not illuminated. When the vehicle stopped, a woman ran from it. The officer saw that it was a woman who had a Department of Corrections notice out for her. The man driving the vehicle had a suspended license, and the officer’s report stated that two known local felons were also in the vehicle. Police found the woman and took her to Grant County jail. The vehicle was locked after the owner stated she didn’t want any of the people involved near her car.

- Police checked on three people who had entered a trailer through a window on Fifth Street in Electric City. One of them stated that she had left her keys inside and had to go through the window to retrieve them.

- Police found a stolen rim lifted from a business warehouse in Delano. The person whose property the wheel was on said he didn’t know how it got on his property.

2/19 - Police checked on a report of a man walking in the roadway on the Delano hill. The officer found the man who appeared to be intoxicated who said he was going to Coulee Dam. The officer gave the man a courtesy ride to the Coulee Dam Casino.

2/20 - A man who had attended a pool tournament at Banks Lake Pub was stopped for exceeding the speed limit. The officer noted in his report that the Spokane man had been drinking. The driver was given a field test for the drinking problem, but it was determined that he was not impaired. He was cited for speeding.

- Police noticed a man, known to be without a driver’s license ,get into a vehicle and drive onto Midway Avenue. When he was stopped the officer found that his license out of Oregon expired in 2008 and his Washington license expired in 2015. He was cited for having no valid operator’s license, no insurance and no registration.

- A woman called police to report that a man living on Washington Place in Electric City didn’t respond when she knocked on the door, even though she could see him sitting in a chair. Police entered the house and the man woke up, saying he was fine.

- Dispatch advised police that there was a report of a man walking on Martin Road carrying a machete. The man was gone when police arrived.

- Coulee Dam police asked for assistance in arresting a man who was staying at Coulee House Motel. The man came to the door of his motel room and was arrested. The officers reported finding a scale with white residue and a bag of white powder, both thought to be cocaine.

- After a vehicle stop on Midway, police saw two people in violation of their jail release terms. One was out after a court curfew and the other was not to be in the company of the first man.

Coulee Dam


2/20 - A man staying at Coulee House Motel was arrested on a warrant and additional charges of possessing a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia were added. He was taken to Okanogan County jail on the warrant.

2/22 - A man on Central Drive asked what a notice to vacate and a protection order meant. The officer advised him if he needed help he should hire an attorney.

- A couple who returned home found that their GMC Envoy was missing. There was a call from a towing company saying that they had taken the vehicle after a traffic stop and that it would cost $400 to retrieve it. The man’s daughter said she had driven it to the casino and that a woman had taken it from there.

2/23 - Police received two counterfeit $5 bills that had been deposited, and sent them to the U.S. Secret Service agency.

- A woman on Cedar Street told police that she had accidently set off her alarm when she hit the wrong button.

2/24 - An officer assisted tribal police on a domestic issue at a residence on Elmer City Access Road.

- A woman on Cedar Street was arrested and taken to Okanogan County jail, charged with obstructing a police officer. The officer had been called to the residence because of a domestic issue. The woman allegedly refused to give her name and prevented the officer from proceeding with his investigation. The report stated that she had been drinking.

2/25 - An officer checked a Birch Street residence after a woman’s security alarm had gone off. The officer found the woman, who explained that she had been watching television and didn’t hear the alarm. The officer checked the residence just to make sure that no one else was in the house.

2/26 - A man on Tulip Street said that two young men had been to his door, stating that they were “Mormons” and he thought it was too late for them to be knocking on doors. He said he was suspicious because the men were wearing tennis shoes instead of dress shoes and he thought they might be casing his place. Police drove around, but couldn’t find the pair.

2/27 - Police arrested a man on a domestic issue and took him to Okanogan County jail on a malicious mischief charge. The man said that he was bringing divorce papers to his wife to sign and that she had a boyfriend in the house. He responded by throwing things around. The police were called and took the man into custody while they straightened out what had occurred.


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