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2/4 - Police checked on a report that someone had kicked in an apartment door on Hill Avenue looking for a person who was supposed to have a lot of tattoos. The police report stated that there was no evidence the door had been kicked in.

2/5 - An Electric City driver was issued a reckless driving ticket by mail after she allegedly ran an officer off the road on Sunny Drive in Electric City. The officer was driving with his family and reported that the driver was using her cellphone at the time and may not have seen him. The officer’s report stated that he had to drive off the roadway into a snowbank to avoid a collision. The woman, known to the officer, was mailed the citation.

2/6 - A man was seen near an unoccupied house on A Street. The man’s tracks in the snow showed that he had gone to the back door. The man reporting the incident stated that when the man came back in sight he was carrying a handsaw and black bag.

- Police checked on an unoccupied house on A Street and found the door open and a crowbar nearby. Police took the crowbar.

2/7 - Three individuals in an apartment on Hill Avenue have been charged with a variety of drug offenses. Local police were assisting Lincoln County officers as they searched the apartment. One woman is being charged with possession of a dangerous weapon (knife), possession of a controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia. A man was charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia; a second woman faced the same charges.

- A woman at a Hill Avenue apartment was cited for first-degree cruelty to animals when her 18-week-old dog was found outside frozen to death. The report was sent to the prosecutor’s office. Later, the same woman complained to police that others in the apartment house were harassing her.

- Police left a note on the door of a woman living on Dill Avenue, whose dogs are frequently barking, instructing the woman to keep her dogs inside.

2/8 - A Spokane Valley driver was cited for following too closely and not having insurance after her vehicle struck another vehicle in the Safeway parking lot.

- A Nespelem driver was cited for driving while under the influence of alcohol after running into a light pole near the top of the dam. When checking on the driver, police learned that she has had three previous DUIs. A tribal officer gave the woman a ride to her residence.

2/9 - Police got a report of a man and woman walking along SR-155 above the dam, arguing. They were upset that friends had left them at the casino.

- Police were asked to check on a woman’s daughter at a location on Crest Drive in Electric City because she thought that a person under a no-contact court order might be at the house. Police were asked by the person’s probation officer to be notified if the party was arrested.

2/10 - Police checked on a report that a man and a woman who appeared to be intoxicated were walking on the roadway near Pole Park. They told police that they were attempting to hitchhike to Nespelem. When one of the two staggered onto the roadway, police gave them a ride to Harvest Foods at their request.

Coulee Dam


1/21 - A man claimed that someone was in his room at the Coulee House Motel. Police checked the room and no one was inside.

1/26 - A student at Lake Roosevelt High School had damage to her car and reported it. When police arrived at the school the officer learned that officials at the school got the two parties together and they had exchanged insurance information.

- Extra patrols in the Central Drive area were requested after a resident nearby reported that a neighbor was off his medication.

1/27 - A person on Cedar Street reported a theft at the residence.

1/29 - Police checked on a vehicle with an expired plate and learned that the driver had a suspended license for a non-payment of child support. He was told not to drive and was cited for the offense.

1/31 - A woman on River Drive told police that someone had been standing over her with a baseball bat and she was scared to go back to her apartment. Police searched the apartment; no one was inside, and they couldn’t find a bat. Tribal police took the woman to relatives in the Nespelem area.

- Police were called to Lake Roosevelt Schools, where a reported fight had been broken up by officials.


2/10- Dispatch reported to police that there was an intoxicated man passed out with a bottle of Fireball on the steps of a residence on Van Tyne Avenue. When police arrived the man was up and staggering and had a laceration on his forehead. He refused an offer of treatment and requested a ride to the casino where he could catch transit to Nespelem.

- A Moses Lake woman told police that there was a juvenile duct taped to a pole at the Tropical Pig location in Electric City. Police checked on the report but couldn’t find anyone duct taped to a pole.

- An Electric City woman police saw driving erratically was cited for driving while under the influence after being stopped near North Dam Park.

2/11 - Police saw a man on Midway Avenue known to have a warrant out for his arrest. He was searched, and police found a smoking pipe with residue in it and a communion cup. He told police that he found the smoking device on Midway and the communion cup in the garbage at the senior center. The man was taken to Grant County jail on the warrant.

2/12 - Police learned that a man had fallen at Continental Heights. The officer assisted the man to his feet and when he complained of his ribs hurting he was taken to Coulee Medical Center.

- Two men from Burien told police that someone had broken into their cabin and several items were missing.

2/13 - Plant Protection advised police that a man was walking on the roadway near the Visitor Center. When confronted he said the snow was too deep to walk on the sidewalk. Since there was no sidewalk where the man was, he was told to be careful of traffic in the area.

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