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By Jesse Utz 

The week of "supers"

Jess Shut Up


The Super Bowl was Sunday, and if you missed it you missed a little bit of NFL history. Tom Brady and Coach Bill Belichick solidified their spots in the annals of Best QB and Best Coach of all time.

Granted, I do not care for either of them, but the results of Sunday’s game made it perfectly clear. Tom Brady must be mentioned with the likes of Montana, Manning, Favre and Elway as the greatest of all time; and, yes, I must admit, as much as it hurts to say this, he may be on top of that list.

Then of course there is their coach. Who, unless you’re a Patriots fan, you may dislike more than Tom, but who is making a case for the best coach of all time. I cannot believe I just said that, but I did. So that wraps up football for this year and opens the door for NASCAR. Hopefully Tom never decides to race.

I cannot believe the snowfall this year. It is trying to break records of its own. Our shovels, boots, gloves, blowers and plows are getting a “super” workout this year as well. I love seeing neighbors helping neighbors. When you have a plow, I can imagine you just want to use it, and they are getting a lot of use this year. Good job to those driving the big plows, especially the Bureau guys; the hill has been great every time I have gone up and down it. The DOT guys have been great as well, and the city crews have been on top of things as much as they can be. Then, of course, there is the safety consideration: We must slow down, no matter how good the roads look; it is always better to drive slower in winter weather and to be aware more than ever of your fellow drivers. Don’t worry; soon all this moisture will pay off and it will be green everywhere.

A “super” weekend was also had by some talented Lake Roosevelt students. Mr. and Mrs. LR were crowned, and a talent show was added to the festivities. Jerry Palmer is now the new Mr. LR and Tristen Adolph is the new Mrs. LR; they have bragging rights for 365 days. Will Friedlander and Megan Abel won the talent show with a super duet, showing off both of their amazing voices and talent big time. A big shout out to ASB President Jazmine Reed for organizing the whole thing.

I learned something else over the weekend. Don’t jump into the fire unless you’re prepared to get burned. Sometimes I may use the wrong words, or maybe I do not look up a definition before I write and send, but I still write from my heart and try to back up my ideas and thoughts with other things to make the reader understand where I am coming from. I apologize if I did not do that two weeks ago with a misuse of words, but that does not change the intent. That being said, my judge will judge me when the time comes, not on Facebook or in a combined writing effort or even in nasty emails. You see, my “limited sphere of influence” is not that limited. I’m just saying.

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