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Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

By Jesse Utz 

Looking back, marching forward

Jess Shut Up


As 2016 is wrapping up and we prepare for what lies ahead in 2017, it is always good to glance back at the last year and remember the events that affected us most. Now, I could go global for this column, but I decided to keep it personal because I found myself over the holidays looking at the faces of family members around me and thinking about them. How have I affected them? Have I left anything undone? How can I help them in the future year and in years to come? How have they affected me in my life, good and bad? How can we all change?

Looking forward, I see a wedding coming. Looking back, I see an amazing young lady being added to the family. Her honesty and integrity is unshakable. A perfect match for a rowdy, big-hearted man that has matured so much this year. A handpicked mate from God and a foundation being laid today that will hold them up for the rest of their lifetime, through good times and the rough. You know how diamonds are made: Pressure, years of it, and then a beautiful, priceless gem is formed. These two are diamonds that will shine together in the future. Sappy? Maybe, but it is what my heart is telling me. I look forward to their future and a dance in 2017 and beyond.

Looking back, I see a matriarch of the family in a hospital bed, in pain. Over the holidays I saw a renewed strength in a lady who loves her family and the people around that family. Her smile was back, her hope and her peace returned. Her eyes danced in the joy of watching grandkids and kids opening presents and seeing the smiles on their faces. She has battled some things too, but here she is with a smile and a glow of love filling the room whereever she goes. Her future is wide open again. God has strengthened her in every aspect. Look out 2017, here she comes.

I saw a healing of a land and people last year. I see that continuing in 2017. Prayer is a powerful thing. I know firsthand. I saw darkness forced off its strongholds in Nespelem, Grand Coulee, Electric City and Coulee Dam. I saw people healed and the hurting stop. I saw Christ come into lives and transform the lost into kings and queens in a powerful kingdom. I know that 2017 brings more of that, and that we as a nation, but more importantly as a community, will see more and more healing, miracles and wonders. Big things are about to happen, and it revolves around individual hearts and battles against an already-beaten enemy. Theft, drug use and loneliness will reduce. Marriages that are under attack will be restored and become lighthouses of love in our communities. The attack in all areas will be weakened as we get back to our roots as a community and nation. Get ready; we are about to have our worlds rocked. In a good way.

So, here is to an outstanding 2017. Filled with dreams, wonders and hope, it has nothing to do with a president, government or status, but has everything to do with heart condition, reconciliation and a King. The pressure is on. Will we crack or become diamonds?

May your 2017 be filled with a renewing of love, joy and healing.

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