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11/19 - A Nespelem woman will likely receive a citation from the court for having expired tabs and no insurance. She was stopped when an officer noticed the tab expiration, and she was given a few days to supply the police department with proof of insurance. Later the officer learned that the woman had posted on social media a snide remark about the traffic stop. Now she faces citations.

11/22 - A Grant County sheriff’s deputy responded to a report, along with a local officer, that a woman had been hit on the back of the head with a beer bottle. The alleged victim said she thought it was an accident and didn’t want to talk further about it.

- A man listed as a transient was arrested on an outstanding warrant after police saw him walking southbound on SR-155. While searching him during the arrest, police found an 8-inch folding knife in his pocket and a backpack filled with drugs and smoking devices, they reported. When the officer attempted to question the man, he asked for an attorney. He was taken to Grant County jail. In addition to the warrant, he faces charges of possession of a controlled substance, possession of a dangerous weapon (knife), and possession of drug paraphernalia.

- The owner of storage units on McGovern told police that someone had cut the lock on one of his units. Initially it was reported that a fish tank was taken.

- Police checked on a report that someone suspicious was seen at Lynn’s Storage. Police found that it was the owner replacing a lock that had been cut during an earlier burglary.

- A woman on Burdin Boulevard told police that someone had parked a vehicle that was blocking her driveway. Before police arrived two men entered the vehicle and drove off. Later an officer told the owner of the car to not block people’s driveways. The man argued that he hadn’t until the officer showed him a photo of the blockage.

11/24 - Police checked on storage units on Van Tyne Avenue, where a person had reported that someone had burglarized his unit, from which items were missing. He was trying to provide police with a list. It had been reported that a black Chevy truck had been seen leaving the area with a number of boxes stacked in the bed.

- A man reported that two units at CJ’s Storage didn’t have locks on them. The owner of the units said that all units should have locks and it was apparent that someone had entered them.

- Police were advised of a downed pole at Dill Avenue and Spokane Way. The pole was not obstructing traffic and the owners of the pole were notified.

11/25 - Police were trying to locate a man whose vehicle was parked in front of a house on Coulee Boulevard East in Electric City at the time the house was being burglarized. Several items were taken from the home.

- The new speed limit signs between Grand Coulee and Coulee Dam were ignored by a Continental Heights man who was pulled over for speeding. The officer learned that the man’s license had been suspended because he had too many unpaid tickets. The man also was cited for not having insurance.

- It wasn’t a lucky day for a Grand Coulee woman who was stopped for expired tabs and a faulty brake light, and because the officer knew she didn’t have a license. She told the officer that she was going to Coulee Dam to purchase diapers for her baby since she was banned from Safeway in Grand Coulee. She was cited for having neither a license nor insurance. A licensed driver came and took control of the vehicle.

- An officer stopped a Burdin Boulevard man when it was noticed that his brake light was broken. He found the driver had a suspended license. The man was cited for this, as well as for having expired plates and no insurance. The man’s mother, a licensed driver, took possession of the vehicle.

11/26 - A Nevada woman was arrested for driving under the influence after police observed her moving over the centerline several times.

11/27 - A tool box with assorted tools was found alongside Martin Road.

- An Electric City woman who had parked her car on Hill Avenue found some rubber tubing near it when she returned. Though the tubing was the kind that might be used to siphon gas, she didn’t think any gas was missing from her car.

Coulee Dam


11/25 - A man told police that a rather new vehicle was being driven on Cedar Street by some kids, and he was concerned that it might be stolen. Police were unable to locate the vehicle.

11/27 - Police checked on two people, a man and a woman walking on Cedar Street. The man, the report stated, was intoxicated and said he was going to the casino. The woman stated she didn’t want him to go there. It was raining and she said she wanted to return to the house to get a coat. The officer said OK and said he would meet them there. When the officer arrived at the house, the man was outside and said the woman had left. The man was advised to stay at the house to “sleep it off.”

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