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11/14 - A Nespelem woman reported she had just noticed that someone had entered her vehicle and taken several hundred dollars of items, including a tablet.

- The owner of a storage business at East Grand Coulee Avenue reported that someone had cut the lock off one of the units.

- A vehicle ran out of gas near the top of Grand Coulee Dam. The driver advised police that help was on the way. After putting gas in the vehicle, the stalled car was on its way.

- A Grand Coulee man told police that a vehicle almost ran over him and a friend while walking in the crosswalk near Safeway. He gave police a brief description of the vehicle.

11/15 - A noise complaint from a resident on Stevens Avenue in Electric City turned out to be a man changing his tire and pounding on a stuck rim.

11/16 - A woman parked in the Coulee Gas lot told police that she was just parked there to take advantage of the business’s Wi-Fi. She left after talking with the officer.

- A Woman on Stevens Avenue in Electric City reported that while she and her husband were away someone took a set of jumper cables and a tricycle from the residence.

- Police checked on a report of a barking dog on West Grand Avenue in Electric City. The patrolman couldn’t find the dog.

- An Electric City woman found a pink backpack that contained cosmetics. It was mailed to the owner.

11/17 - An East Cardinal Road woman reported that she saw someone run from her trailer and thought it might be a burglar. Her husband arrived with a key so police could check to see if anyone was inside. There wasn’t anyone inside, and no report of a loss.

11/18 - USBR Plant Protection advised police of a person in the Visitor Center parking lot going through garbage cans. Police told the subject to get on the sidewalk and continue to where he was going.

11/19 - A woman was stopped on Martin Road when the officer noted that her license tabs had expired. She told the officer that she didn’t have insurance. She was cited for both offenses.

- Police are looking for a woman who allegedly hit her boyfriend three times with an aluminum bat. The man reported that he had moved out of their Hill Avenue apartment and was returning to collect his things when he went to his car and the woman broke out a couple of the windows with the bat. He went to Coulee Medical Center because he told police the place was safe. He refused treatment. It was reported that the woman was headed to Spokane or Idaho.

- A man on Second Street in Electric City told police he thought someone was prowling cars because he heard car doors opening and closing. Police checked the area but didn’t see anyone.

11/20 - A Nespelem man was pulled over when the officer noticed his brake lights were not lighting up. He was cited for that and for not having insurance.

- Police followed up on a report that a boy on a skateboard was bitten by a dog running loose near the skateboard area at North Dam Park. The owner of the dog was cited and told to get the dog’s rabies information up to date, and advised that the city would have to determine if her dog would be classified as a dangerous dog.

11/21 - A man who was refused alcohol at Jack’s Four Corners because a clerk thought he had had enough to drink refused to leave. Police were called and the clerk asked that he be banned from the store for 24 hours. The man then left the station and walked away.

- A 911 call took police to a Kelso Avenue home in Electric City where a friend found the owner on the floor intoxicated and difficult to wake up. The man told police that he had been drinking and lay down on the floor and went to sleep.

Coulee Dam


11/15 - Police had an abandoned vehicle left at Mason City Park towed. The vehicle had a North Dakota license, but the officer found that a local woman drove it there. The officer tried to locate her but was unsuccessful.

- A woman was stopped for not signaling when changing lanes and cited for not having insurance.

11/16 - A car that had been taken without the owner’s knowledge was found on Columbia Avenue. At the owner’s request the vehicle was towed to his home.

11/17 - A backpack found at Cole Park contained a number of stolen credit cards and other materials. The owner of the credit cards told police that a man had stayed at her place and that when he left she found that a number of things were missing. Police inventoried the items in the backpack and are investigating.

11/20 - A suspicious person was reported on Camas Street. Police were unable to find anyone.

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