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By Jesse Utz 

Remembering the Musings

Jess Shut Up


I read in last week’s paper of the passing of Reg Morgan. To say the least, I am a little heartbroken to hear of this. On these very pages, week after week, Reg wrote about fishing, hunting, travel and the occasional stray pet as he let you in on little glimpses of his life and shared what was important to him. It did not matter if it was a local play, what was hot with fishing or changes in the hunting regulations; he spoke with passion, integrity and his own creative style.

He was a mentor to me even though he did not mean to be. He only ever gave me advice once as he came in to pick up his paper after he retired. It was short, simple and to the point. Just like his column and just like he was in other situations. When I first learned I would be writing for the paper I went back over some of his columns to try and learn something about his style. What I learned was not what I expected. After poring over a few of “Morgan’s Musings,” I learned that it did not matter the subject, the words or the style. It was about passion. A passion for what you’re writing about and follow-through was scattered throughout every column. If you enjoy what you’re writing, chances are others will like it too.

When Reg came in that day, not to give me advice but to pick up his paper, he told me simply and to the point what the secret was without even trying. He basically told me to keep the readers interested and write about what I knew. Teach the reader something and allow them to teach you. And here we are many years later, and I am still writing.

I will always remember Reg, not just for lighting the torch on this endeavor and paving the way for me and others, but for his down-to-earth approach to serving others. I saw him volunteering whereever he could, and I vividly remember him in Planet Earth Players productions and helping in the background in others. After I played the part of Luther Billis in “South Pacific,” I had a scene with my bare belly, ship tattooed on it, and a belly roll during my dance. My eyes caught Reg’s during the performance and I saw him laughing like I never had before or since. That is how I will remember Reg: in his element, doing what he loved and enjoying it for everything he could.

My heart goes out to the Morgan family and to Coulee Country that lost a great man, father and husband. May his musings continue on for eternity, and may we all see that kind of passion and fun in our own lives.

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