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By Jesse Utz 

What is important to talk about?

Jess Shut Up


Communication has always been a key to success. Ask any businessman or woman and they will agree. Ask any teacher and they will also agree. Ask any coach and the answer is the same: communication is key to winning and losing. In the classroom, on the field and in the board room, talking to each other is a must.

Communication is also a key ingredient in good parenting. The conversation around a meal can be one of the most insightful times. Kids can learn how busy their parents are and parents can also learn about a school day or Snapchat. Kids can ask questions and parents can receive the always-first answer, “Nothing happened today.” Political views, family plans, rules and groundings can all be discussed around the table of old, the dinner table.

Communication is key on other levels too. A conversation with your Creator is also important. God does listen and answer. Prayer is a way to still yourself and ask for the burdens in your life to be lifted. It is also a time to reconcile anything that is standing between you and God. But there is more to it than just prayer. There is a constant running conversation between the Mighty One and you, if you let it happen. Distractions are constantly getting in the way of that conversation, but we must prevail over those irritants to hear what we are supposed to hear. And you will hear Him if you want to.

Television, phones, people and pets are just some of the everyday things that prevent conversation. I find it ironic that a device created to communicate with others, mobile phones, can now be the very thing to keep you from conversation with a child, parent, co-worker or the Big Boss upstairs. The media age also is dangerous because even when we are trying to do something constructive, we get ambushed by false reports or other forms of attention-grabbing applications.

So talk. Talk to your kids, parents, teachers and friends. I hear you asking, “What am I going to talk about?” Well, Veterans Day is upon us. Talk about that, or talk about the election. That is a big deal. Ask about life and family and goals and ambitions. Talk about Raider football going to the playoffs. Ask about God. God wants you to and wants to have a conversation with all of you. He is knocking, and you just have to let him in. Or at least answer the door. That is the first step to the greatest conversation you will ever have.

Yes, in this world of self-sufficient and intense media, we may begin to wander off course from our roots, but our roots are where it all began and we must get back to them. And getting back to them starts with a talk. A talk with family, with self and with God.

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