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By Jesse Utz 

Patriotism, the lost voices of America

Jess Shut Up


Last updated 10/26/2016 at 9:46am

In school we start each day with the Pledge of Alliance. At sporting events the National Anthem starts each contest. Buildings across the nation start each day with the early morning rising of the red, white and blue up the flag pole, and on military bases across the world a horn plays and salutes follow. But yet we still hear the voices throughout the day bad mouthing our country, our government and our troops. We see the flag being burned, hate being fueled and America slowly being tarnished by bureaucrats, the radical and the misguided. But there is also something else that is allowing the trauma to continue: the silent.

It is hard in today’s social media and biased news networks to get the facts clear sometimes. It can take some serious research and hours of scouring to get a glimpse of the truth on any given news story. Even then, we sometimes pause to consider the source and if both sides of the truth were really tracked down. I understand, news is a business these days and we try to produce the story that will put your name and your station on the map. Sometimes reporters put the “Incredible” as more important than “Credible.” Of course, we have all heard the saying too: “The squeaky wheel gets oil.” So sometimes the loudest noise gets the most attention. And I believe that is why, in this current era, that patriotism is getting shushed and pushed to the back in today’s generation.

Going into the military used to be considered honorable, (it still is by some, me included) but in today’s media events they seem to make it appear that you either go in the military to die or to make a mistake that costs others’ lives. We even see the rogue soldier that seems to snap and ultimately hurt others. But where are the honorable stories, the stories my grandfathers told of WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. Stories of the heroes, men and women, who performed under the worst of conditions, some not making it home to their families and others who did. Where are the yellow ribbons? There are countless tales of soldiers from today’s era making a huge difference in today’s conflicts, but we don’t see them on the front page or on the headlines of nightly news. If we do see them, it is tucked at the end of a newscast.

Then there is our political arena that seeks to put the ugliness of war up front. Making unjust heroes martyrs and corruption a side show that makes us cringe with one eye covered and the other still staring straight ahead at the horror, this campaign has been ugly and unbearable at times, but the sad part is this: We still must vote.

Those who say “I won’t vote this election” are hurting their America in the worst way. Lives were lost, a long time ago and still today for this simple freedom. The right to vote is an American right, and if you don’t vote it is almost like giving up. Yes, sometimes it seems hopeless and like your vote does not matter, but Americans must voice their opinions in the most basic way we have today. By voting. And a non-vote is a vote against what matters most. Freedom.


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