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Political leanings of judges important

Letter to the Editor


Last updated 10/12/2016 at 10:51am

Judicial elections are non-partisan, but judicial candidates’ political leanings are important. Judges makes judgment calls. Judgment calls reflect jurists’ worldviews, which correlate to their political leanings. And examining who supports a particular judicial candidate helps us determine whether the candidate’s judgment aligns with ours. In our Superior Court race, the contrast is stark that Nick Wallace’s political leanings and judgment are consistent with Grant County voters.

David Estudillo was appointed by our far-left leaning Democratic governor, who garnered less than 32 percent of the Grant County vote in 2012. Mr. Estudillo is endorsed by the Grant County Democratic Party. Mr. Estudillo is endorsed by the SEIU, a far left-leaning national labor union behind the $15/hour minimum wage effort. Mr. Estudillo is endorsed by all justices on the Washington Supreme Court, each of whom Representative Matt Manweller has urged Republicans to vote against due to their liberal judicial activism. And Mr. Estudillo’s financing largely comes from liberal trial lawyers, mostly from Seattle. Mr. Estudillo being a former Seattle immigration lawyer, this support is natural.

Conversely, Nick Wallace is endorsed by the Grant County Republican Party. Mr. Wallace is endorsed by numerous farmers and business owners in Grant County. Mr. Wallace is endorsed by the Grant County Sheriff, a Republican. Mr. Wallace is endorsed by the two most recently retired Grant County Superior Court judges. Nearly all Mr. Wallace’s financing is from Grant County. And rather than being appointed by Governor Inslee, Mr. Wallace financially supported Republican Rob McKenna’s campaign against him.

So while the race is non-partisan, we can objectively understand the candidates’ political leanings from who supports them. Liberal Democrats and their organizations support Mr. Estudillo, and Grant County conservatives support Mr. Wallace. I will not be voting for Hillary, and I will not be voting for Mr. Estudillo.

Ken Chadwick



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