School bus bests beast


Last updated 10/12/2016 at 10:20am

Heard about the successful moose hunt — by a school bus?

With a load of young volleyball players aboard, driver Keith Powell had a young cow moose charge in front of his school bus last Wednesday night, Oct. 5, about 8:30, as they were returning from a volleyball match in Okanogan.

The moose was alongside SR-155, and charged in front of the bus just after it had gotten over Disautel Pass.

The bus hit the moose with its front fender, killing the animal.

The bus held both the seventh- and eighth-grade girls volleyball squads that had just competed in Okanogan.

Powell reported that the girls handled the matter well, and that no one was injured.

A tribal game warden removed the carcass from the roadway the next day.

Mechanic George Davis said Monday that the bus is already back in service. He was able to straighten the fender, and with a couple of parts now on order the bus is almost as good as new.

There were about 20 girls in the bus when the mishap occurred.

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