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9/9 - A woman on Bowen Street told police that her bulldog puppy was missing from her home and she eventually learned it had been taken and sold to a party in Usk, Washington. She gave police the name of the person who had sold the puppy.

- Police found a sliding glass door ajar when they responded to a report of burglary at a Partello Street house. Nothing appeared to be missing.

9/10 - Police are looking for an Electric City man who allegedly cut his ankle monitor off, stole a vehicle and then threw from it his brother, who was trying to stop him, running over his leg. The suspect will face charges of theft of a vehicle, vehicular assault, hit and run with injury, violation of a domestic violence order, driving with an invalid license, third-degree malicious mischief and escape. Later the man was located and told police that he had high centered the car off of Kruk Road. He was taken to Grant County Jail.

- USBR Plant Protection contacted police to report that a motorcycle had moved through the barricades atop North Dam. Police contacted the driver and told him to use “common sense” about going through the cement pole barricade. The man apologized.

- An elderly woman escaped a citation after defecating in shrubbery above Grand Coulee Dam. She told police that she was in gastric distress. Because she was elderly, the woman was let off without charges.

- A woman from Graham, Washington, was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail after two separate domestic violence incidents that occurred at Sunbanks Lake Resort.

9/11 - A Tacoma man was cited for driving with a suspended license and not renewing the tabs on the vehicle he was driving.

- A Redmond woman was arrested at Sunbanks Lake Resort after her vehicle struck a parked vehicle at the resort. When officers contacted her it was apparent she had been drinking. She stated to police that she had five drinks. She was cited for driving under the influence and for not having insurance.

- A man who was shooting a bow and arrow in the Washington Flats area was advised that the area was closed due to a fire.

- Four people told police they were looking for a phone that was dropped out of a vehicle near the 500 KV Switchyard. The officer found an arrest warrant for one of the four and took him to Okanogan County Jail.

9/12 - Dispatch advised police that a vehicle was blocking the roadway at Riley Point and that people were giving each other “rude hand gestures.” The driver of the stalled car said he was having mechanical problems and had his car pushed to where he could coast down the hill.

- Police arrested a Nespelem man who was wanted for questioning by Grant County officials. The officer also noted that the bicycle he was riding matched the description of one reported stolen hours earlier. He was taken to meet with the Grant County Sheriff official.

9/13 - A Yakima woman told police that she had left her phone in the restroom at Safeway and when she returned to get it the phone was gone. When the phone was called it was reported to be on its way to Wilbur, and later the phone was traced to a Wilbur business.

- Police found a 4-year-old boy running back and forth on the boat dock at Coulee Playland unsupervised. The boy’s stepmother told police that the boy learned how to open the gate at home. She said they would put a lock on the gate.

- A woman was stopped on Sunny Drive in Electric City because of a cracked windshield. The officer found that the driver had a suspended license, no insurance, and no registration in the vehicle. The woman was cited, and the vehicle towed.

- Police checked on a cruelty-to-dog complaint and found a dog chained to a tree with a pan of water nearby. The owner of the dog came and retrieved the animal.

- A vehicle known to have expired license tabs was stopped near Midway Avenue and the driver cited for the tab problem and for not having insurance.

9/14 - A woman on Hill Avenue was given a breach-of-peace warning after the officer was called to the area because of loud noises. When police arrived, they saw two males run out the back. The person at the apartment said that the two were 18 years old and had been smoking pot.

- An employee of the town of Wilbur was in the area looking for items that had been stolen there. The man took a gas can at a residence that he thought belonged to Wilbur.

- A woman was cited for domestic violence and malicious mischief after allegedly striking her former mate and then breaking two windows out of his pickup with a tire iron.

- A man on Dill Avenue showed an officer a BB hole in one of his windows. He suspected a neighbor nearby whose children he had complained about earlier. He estimated it would take $150 to replace the window.

- A Grand Coulee woman was cited for illegally using another person’s handicap parking pass.

- A woman living on Second Street in Electric City told police that when she got home a man was standing on her front porch and he ran away. Another man was also seen and then she reported that she heard a truck leave the area. She said a number of items were missing, including the food in her refrigerator. She told police the names of the two men.

9/16 - A man was stopped on Partello Parkway when the officer noticed he wasn’t wearing his seat belt. He was ticketed, but avoided a citation for not having insurance since he had just purchased the vehicle.

- A driver who had been stopped by the same officer three times for driving with a suspended license is having his case referred to the prosecuting attorney’s office.

- A person walking past Loepp Furniture after hours noticed a set of keys in the front door lock. He advised police and it was determined that nothing was missing.

9/17 - A party told police that there was debris on the roadway near Spokane Way. Later, two men drove up to clear the debris and the officer’s report stated that both had suspended licenses. After they cleaned the roadway they were advised to get a licensed driver to take charge of the vehicle.

- A minor male was cited for consuming alcohol and the report was sent to the prosecutor’s office.

- A woman was stopped by police, who knew of a warrant for her arrest. The officer found that a man in the back seat also had a warrant for his arrest. The two got a ride to Grant County Jail.

Coulee Dam


9/13 - A man reported that he was in the restroom at Mason City Park and had left his backpack near the sink. He said that he heard someone come into the restroom and then leave and when he came out the backpack was gone. The man stated that he had a laptop computer in the bag, with the value at $2,100.

9/15 - A man on River Drive was arrested on an outstanding warrant for non-payment of child support.

9/16 - Police investigated a report of damage to a fence on Sixth Street. The officer found that a vehicle had accidentally rolled into the fence and damaged a section of about 10 feet.

9/17 - A man told police that his wife was missing. The two had been drinking and argued while waiting for the laser light show. She later turned up at the motel they were staying in.

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