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Remembering my history

Letter to the Editor


Well, America, if I remember my history, we have two opposing ideas: Roosevelt and Reagan.

Roosevelt took the Hoover ideas (the “roaring 20’s” and its side effects) and converted America into the greatest nation.

Reagan thought we didn’t need all those rules on business and banking (less government) so he promised the “good” life — computers, cell phones, alcohol, drugs, flat screen TVs and SUVs. He made good on his promises. All the presidents after him kept his ideas going, plus its side effects — national debt (9 trillion to 18 trillion).

When Americans sweated under the Roosevelt plan, they made great art, skyscrapers, bridges, dams, and became educated. When Americans sweat under the Reagan plan, they produce sweat, worn-out shoes, drug-riddled bodies, plus if you sweat the wrong way (not cool), we’ll deport you.

Robert Piekarski

Electric City

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