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Letter to the Editor


I have known Sheilah Kennedy since 1994 when I worked under her at the Okanogan County Noxious Weed department. I had great respect for her back then and still do to this day. I supported her first campaign and continue to stand by her. Why?

Sheilah delivered on her promises. She has provided leadership, accountability, and fiscal responsibility while making enormous personal sacrifices to serve the people of this county. But this race goes beyond Sheilah and her opponent. It’s about the culture of Okanogan County. Our history is one of libertarian independence. We are tough and care for our neighbors. We know the value of hard work. Some of the most amazing people I know come from Okanogan County, and I feel blessed to have this land as part of my heritage. That said, today we have competing interests. We have people who want to change who we are and believe that they know better. There is no greater representation of this struggle than the Commissioner race.

We, the people, must decide if our heritage is worth fighting for. It’s your choice. If you want higher taxes, more government with less oversight, more restrictions and regulations, vote f a c a or Chris. But if you believe in the people and the heritage of Okanogan County, want less government that is more responsible to the people, and want to keep YOUR money in YOUR pocket, please join me in voting for Sheilah Kennedy this November.

Pamela Leslie


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