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8/18 - Two residents on Second Street in Electric City were arrested after Lincoln County officials served a search warrant for the house. Deputies were led to the house after viewing security cameras at storage units in Lincoln County. Officials found a number of items taken from the storage units. They also found evidence of methamphetamines and a smoking pipe.

8/19 - A Kent, Washington, man backed into a pickup owned by an Electric City resident at the H&H Grocery parking lot. The two exchanged insurance information. No citations were issued.

- A Grand Coulee police officer en route to the fair was asked by county sheriff officials to respond to a report of a man who had shot himself near Coulee City until one of their officers could reach the scene. The local officer stood by until the county deputy arrived.

8/20 - Police checked on a report of a disturbance on Stevens Avenue in Electric City and found that there had been an argument but the issue had been settled.

- A report of a shot at Sunbanks Lake Resort brought police to a camping site where a man had fired a wrist rocket into a tent. Resort officials wanted the man banned from the resort but because he had been drinking he was allowed to stay the night. The tent was occupied at the time but no one was injured.

- Police responded to a noise complaint on Hill Avenue, where a person promised she would quiet down.

8/20 - Two people shooting exploding targets at a place near Electric City used as a shooting range were told to stop and they agreed to do so.

- A man on A Street advised police that his motorized bike had been stolen and gave the officer the name of a suspect.

- USBR Plant Protection advised police that there was a man sitting in the grass near the Visitor Center smoking a pipe, and they thought drugs might be involved. An officer found that the man was walking from Nespelem to Grand Coulee and wanted to sit in the shade for a while. He was smoking tobacco.

8/21 - Police were called to Coulee Medical Center when a man and woman got into a family fight that extended into the hallway. The woman, who had just given birth, and who, the report stated, had already had two children taken by Child Protective Services because of drug activity, tried to take the baby out of the hospital. The man was arrested on a Department of Corrections warrant, and police recommended that the baby be placed under CPS care until it was determined that the parents could take care of it.

8/21 - Police officers responded to a report of a family fight at Coulee Medical Center. The officers stopped a man who was leaving, and found that he had a pick-up order from the Department of Corrections. The hospital asked that he be banned from the premises and police took him to Grant County jail on the warrant.

- A child neglect call in Electric City got police attention, and when they arrived they found a young child walking along the highway near Banks Lake Pub. Asked where she was going, she said “home” and accepted a ride. Police talked with the mother, who said the 7-year-old had gone from home on Stevens Avenue to H&H Grocery to purchase some candy. The mother was advised that it wasn’t a good idea for the child to walk along the highway without supervision.

8/22 - A woman in a Hill Avenue apartment was warned about her loud music and told that if police had to come again because of a complaint she could be cited.

- A Grand Coulee couple reported their vehicle stolen and then found it in the H&H Grocery parking lot, where the responsible person was arrested. The same vehicle was later reported stolen again and seen at the Coulee Dam Casino.

- A man on Knute Street told police that someone had stolen gas from his vehicle and boat during the night.

- A motorist reported that there was a backpack near the Crescent Bay access road. An officer checked it out and found that it contained a T-shirt and pillow but no identification of its owner.

- A resident of Lakeview Avenue in Electric City told police that a number of items had been taken from his unlocked car during the night. Taken were two sets of keys and a Leatherman multi-tool kit.

8/23 - A Coulee Dam man told police that he paid a person $60 for some smoked meat and huckleberries and expected the man to deliver them to his home. He said he didn’t receive the items and thought maybe it was a scam.

8/24 - Police picked up a stray pit bull dog in the East Grand Avenue area in Electric City and took it to the veterinary clinic until the owner can be found.

- The manager of NAPA Auto Parts complained of cars parked in his parking area and was told that he could call a tow company and have them removed.

- A woman being treated in the emergency room at Coulee Medical Center had dialed 911 and was told by an officer that it was a crime if it wasn’t an emergency. The Keller woman had been brought into the hospital by Tribal Police because of a threat of suicide.

8/25 - A man on Dill Avenue reported to police that his pickup had been prowled and the only thing missing was a key to the vehicle.

- A resident on Williams Avenue in Electric City reported that someone had siphoned the gas out of his boat. He reported the tank had been full but now was empty.

- A Nespelem woman collecting rocks along with another person was found to be wanted on an arrest warrant. She was taken to Grant County jail on the warrant.

8/26 - Police took a man known to have a warrant for his arrest from a residence on Lakeview Boulevard NE to Grant County jail.

- A woman on Butler Square reported that a package delivered to her residence had been taken from her porch. The package contained cleaning and hygiene products.

8/27 - A man wanted by the Department of Corrections on a parole violation was chased down in Electric City after allegedly trying to elude police. He now faces additional charges of attempting to elude police, driving with a suspended license, third-degree escape, and obstruction of a law enforcement officer.

- A vehicle known to have expired tabs was stopped just off Midway and the driver issued a ticket for failure to renew registration and for not having insurance.

- A man on Wenatchee Avenue NE told an officer that during the night someone had taken a bicycle from his residence.

8/28 - A man being treated for a stab wound at Coulee Medical Center told police that the stabbing took place in Coulee Dam so the officer notified an officer there. It was learned that a man was seen arguing with the victim, but police units were unable to locate the second man.

- A home on B Street had been burglarized and the resident said an envelope with $250 in it was missing, as well as a can with about $200 in change. The homeowner said the man responsible was just walking away. Police stopped him but could not prove that he was the one who had taken the money, so he was released.

- A man in Grant County jail signed a report that stated his vehicle had been stolen.

- A woman on Division Street reported that a suspicious man was seen biting rocks and looking into people’s cars and windows. Police couldn’t locate the man.

Coulee Dam

8/24 - Police went to a residence on Stevens Avenue after receiving a dog barking complaint. The officer’s report stated that there was no evidence that there was even a dog at that address.

- When an officer returned to the police department he found a bicycle propped against the building. It had a flat tire but otherwise was in good shape. It was placed in the property room along with other bikes being held by police.

- A vehicle prowl was reported to police near the Coulee House Motel.

- A man on Central Drive called 911 and then hung up. He told police that his son had ordered a game on TV using a Discover Card, and he told the son that if he didn’t repay the cost he was going to call the police. The man was advised not to call 911 without a valid reason.

- A truck and a car prowl were reported on Central Drive. The reporting parties said the glove boxes and consoles had been gone through. Nothing was reported as missing. The officer advised the parties that they needed to lock their cars.

8/25 - A man riding his bike at night was advised he needed to have lights if he was riding after dark.

- A driver was followed by police and stopped because he was following another vehicle too closely.

8/26 - A woman on Camas Street stated that Tribal Police had taken a neighbor’s 5-month-old baby. A court date had been set on the matter and the woman said she was thinking of hiring a lawyer on behalf of the mother of the child to attend the hearing.

8/27 - A man pumped $78.06 worth of gas and left his driver’s license, saying he would return to the Jack’s station to pay for it, but didn’t do so.

8/29 - A man reported his car had been prowled and a camera went missing while being parked at the Coulee House Motel.

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