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8/11 - An Electric City woman told police she witnessed a red truck backing into a power pole and that the light dropped and broke. Police looked for the truck but couldn’t find it, and notified Grant County PUD of the problem.

- A Continental Heights man told police he had received a $3,290 inheritance check in the mail and deposited it, but it was later determined by the bank to be a fraudulent check. The man then said his account was overdrawn.

- A man on Dill Avenue told police that a neighbor told him that a “skinny, white, tweaker chick” was knocking on his door. The residence was checked and nothing was missing.

- Police saw a man, banned from a site by court order, violating it. When he made eye contact with the officer he turned and ran. He still hasn’t been found. He already has a warrant for his arrest from violating this order previously.

- A man on W. Grand Avenue in Electric City was warned that his dog was barking and it was disturbing his neighbors. He said he would bring it inside.

- A man operating a homemade go-cart on Alcan Road was known to an officer as having had his driver’s license suspended. The man was allowed to push the cart to a nearby house and then released. The report is being sent to the prosecutor’s office.

8/12 - Officers found a man asleep in a car in Coulee Playland. When the man didn’t respond when the officer rapped on the window, the car door was opened and a strong odor of gasoline was noted. The man said that he had been trying to fix the car. The officer learned that the subject had had his license suspended and had two non-extraditable warrants out of Spokane. He was told he had until the next day to get the car removed.

- A woman camping at Coulee Playland told police that during the night someone had taken a Schwinn bicycle from her campsite.

- An Electric City man was arrested and taken to Grant County jail on a domestic violence charge. He allegedly pushed his girlfriend to the ground during an argument as she was holding a young child.

- A man known to have a suspended license was caught driving after turning into the H&H Grocery parking lot. He was cited for driving with a suspended license and not having insurance. His son, who had a valid license, took control of the vehicle.

- A man on A Street told police that someone had stolen his motorized bicycle. Someone had told him that the bike had been seen in the Seaton’s Grove area. Police are investigating.

- A driver from Burdin Boulevard was stopped and cited because police knew his license was suspended. He left on foot to find a licensed driver to take control of the vehicle.

- An Electric City man hit the brakes hard to avoid hitting a truck that had put on the brakes in front of him, but he ended up in the ditch. The incident was reported to authorities in Lincoln County.

- A Coulee Dam man told police that he had hit a young fawn just above Grand Coulee Dam and that the young deer appeared to be oK.

- A woman told police that the radio had been taken out of her vehicle while she was at a place on Continental Heights.

8/13 - A man at Continental Heights reported his Xbox had been taken by his ex-girlfriend. Police found the woman, whose 5-year-old stated that he had put it in his backpack. The Xbox was returned to the owner.

8/14 - Police checked on a report of two women, who appeared to be intoxicated, fighting at the Banks Lake Pub. When interviewed, neither of the two could remember what the fight was all about, and went their separate ways.

- Police were called to Continental Heights after a man noticed that one of his medications was missing. He said a woman had spent the night there and that he thought she had taken it. When confronted by the officer, the woman emptied her bag on the table and the man’s medication was mixed with a number of her own. She said she had taken it by mistake when she picked up her own medications. She was not charged and the man didn’t want her banned from his apartment.

- A man who told police that he was returning to his campsite because he had left his wallet there found out that this wasn’t a good explanation for going 50 mph in a 30 mph zone. He was cited.

- A Spokane woman told police that they were boating in the Million Dollar Mile area and when they returned to their car a number of items were missing from it, including an iPhone valued at $500, about $350 cash, some clothing and a variety of credit cards.

- Police picked up a stray dog on Hill Avenue whose owner was advised she would be cited if the officer found that the dog had strayed again. He advised her to get the dog licensed.

- A Burdin Boulevard man and his male companion were banned from Sunbanks Lake Resort after entering a closed access road to the resort. The driver was cited for driving while his license was suspended.

8/15 - A caller told police that a truck with items in the bed had just left a house on E. Grand Coulee Avenue and they thought it suspicious. Police stopped the truck, only to learn that the men were doing some remodeling for the owner of the house.

- A homeowner on Second Street told police that renters had left in the middle of the night, taking with them a number of items that didn’t belong to them, including a desk, plates, bowls, a countertop grill and more.

- Police responded to the post office where the officer observed that someone had entered the building overnight, made evident by urine and feces inside. Police are increasing their patrols of the area.

8/16 - A woman stopped for a faulty light on her vehicle was cited for not having insurance.

- Police responded to the credit union’s ATM machine on Midway Ave. to find that two employees of the credit union had accidentally set off the alarm.

8/17 - A woman sitting at a picnic table after hours told an officer that she was waiting for him to take her to jail on a felony warrant for her arrest. She was taken to Grant County jail.

- A couple from Post Falls, Idaho, staying in a tent at Coulee Playland told police that they were awakened when a man tried to take something from their boat about 10 feet away. The man, described as a light-complected male, wearing a black shirt and pants with dark hair, fled and later raced away in a silver-colored diesel truck. Police looked for the truck but couldn’t locate it.

- A woman living on Williams Avenue in Electric City reported that during the night she’d heard dogs barking and in the morning noticed that someone had taken her rear license plate off her car. She gave police the license plate number.

- A customer advised an employee at Safeway that they saw a man take two bottles of liquor off the shelf, stuff them in the front of his pants, and walk out without paying for them. A security camera showed the theft, but the party, wearing black clothes with sunglasses on, was not known.

- A woman on Sunset Drive advised police that someone had stolen two bikes from her place in Electric City.

- A man riding a motorcycle was stopped when a check of the license showed he had a suspended license. The Coulee City resident also didn’t have a motorcycle endorsement.

8/18 - A Keller man whose vehicle was blocking the alley off Burdin Boulevard was asked by police to move. He did.

- A Sunny Drive resident in Electric City was arrested and handed over to Lincoln County authorities on a second-degree burglary and second-degree malicious mischief charges. He was initially stopped for a suspended- license charge. He is suspected of breaking into a storage unit near the Nazarene Church.

- A man was banned for the night from his parents’ home on Sunset Drive in Electric City after an argument. The officer drove the man to his own house.

- A woman living on A Street told police that her former husband had entered her house without permission and she wanted him permanently banned from the premises. The man, who was still in the house when the officer arrived, was arrested on a burglary charge and taken to Grant County jail.

- Police recovered a bicycle that had been reported stolen from a party on A Street. The bike had been spray painted black and dumped in a yard there. The bike matched the description of the one stolen.

Coulee Dam

8/17 - A woman who was walking her dog on Washington Flats told police that she saw a van parked next to her truck, and then it sped away. She said when she got to her truck the gas cap was off and some gas had leaked onto her fender. She reported that the party didn’t get much gas because the tank was still full. The officer was told that the woman drove all over town to see if she could locate the vehicle, but was unsuccessful.

8/18 - A woman who had stayed the night at a Birch Street location said that she had ordered a debit card and that during the night someone had taken it from her purse. She was advised to notify her bank of the theft.

8/20 - Police were looking for a man who allegedly had struck his mother with a closed fist on Park Avenue in Electric City.

- Police followed a car across the Coulee Dam bridge that straddled the centerline all the way and then failed to signal as it turned onto River Drive. The driver got a verbal warning.

8/19 - A Kent, Washington man backed into a pickup owned by an Electric City resident at the H&H Grocery parking lot. The two exchanged insurance information. No citations were issued.

- A Grand Coulee police officer enroute to the fair was asked by county sheriff officials to respond to a report of a man who had shot himself near Coulee City until one of their officers could reach the scene. The local officer stood by until the county deputy arrived.

8/20 - Police checked on a report of a disturbance on Stevens Avenue in Electric City and found that there had been an argument but the issue had been settled.

- A report of a shot at Sunbanks Lake Resort brought police to a camping site where a man had fired a wrist rocket into a tent. Resort officials wanted the man banned from the resort but because he had been drinking he was allowed to stay the night. The tent was occupied at the time but no one was injured.

- Police responded to a noise complaint on Hill Avenue, where a person promised she would to quiet down.

8/20 - Two people shooting exploding targets at a place near Electric City used as a shooting range were told to stop and they agreed to do so.

- A man on A Street advised police that his motorized bike had been stolen and gave the officer the name of a suspect.

- USBR Plant Protection advised police that there was a man sitting in the grass near the Visitor Center smoking a pipe, and they thought drugs might be involved. An officer found that the man was walking from Nespelem to Grand Coulee and wanted to sit in the shade for awhile. He was smoking tobacco.

8/21 - Police officers responded to a report of a family fight at Coulee Medical Center. The officers stopped a man who was leaving, and found that he had a pick-up order from the Department of Corrections. The hospital asked that he be banned from the premises and police took him to Grant County jail on the warrant.

- A child neglect call in Electric City got police attention, and when they arrived they found a young child walking along the highway near Banks Lake Pub. Asked where she was going, she said “home” and accepted a ride. Police talked with the mother, who said the 7-year-old had gone from home on Stevens Avenue to H&H Grocery to purchase some candy. The mother was advised that it wasn’t a good idea for the child to walk along the highway without supervision.

8/22 - A woman in a Hill Avenue apartment was warned about her loud music and told that if police had to come again because of a complaint she could be cited.

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