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Survey comments reveal mix of attitudes on consolidation


Some comments from those responding to a survey about the possibility of combining two or more local municipalities show a mix of attitudes on the subject.

The surveys were mailed to 2,235 households and also made available online and at local businesses.

Here are examples from the 251 comments included with the returned surveys:

- It makes good sense to combine these towns and their resources.

- Stop arguing with each other and do something for the people for a change.

- We think it would be unproductive to consolidate any of these towns. With all the infighting they already have, why would anyone think they could get along and work together?

- Go for it!

- Thanks!

- How do us little people benefit from this? Be honest.

- I hope the leaders of this community pull their heads out of their asses and see what they are doing to this community.

- There needs to be a bar, McDonalds and a waterslide on every corner.

- There will never be consolidation. The previous mayor of Grand Coulee infuriated Electric City with his police services contract pricing and comments. The Electric City government constantly blames others for their problems instead of being responsible for their actions. All consider Delano residents to be trash.

- The current system is incredibly inefficient and expensive.

- Why fix it if it isn’t broke?

- Believe it is a good idea, but a long way down the road.

- It always has amazed me how folks have opposed this idea, especially when none of the communities, by themselves, have anything to brag about.

- I think consolidation would open a huge can of worms…

- Tavern on every corner, 3 brothels, 2 cops instead of 10 you can’t get a hold of. We need more pot stores for revenue. Street repair would be nice.

- How would tax issues work?

- A great idea but will never happen. The city governments are self-serving and power hungry.

- To me this is a no brainer. How could consolidation not save money?

- I’ve lived here 65 years and this is long overdue.

- Completely opposed to losing any more hunting ground.

- These towns have existed since 1933; why change them now?

- While not wanting to spend taxpayer’s money, I believe an outside group needs to be brought in to view the situation and make recommendations.

- Strongly opposed to any talk of consolidation until Grand Coulee straightens out its financial problems.

- This should have happened 30-40 years ago.

- This consolidation is a long time coming. I hope we can at least start on the path to make it happen.

Grand Coulee and Electric City had each pledged money to hire an outside consultant and help answer some of the questions respondents have now raised, but they each backed away from that stance.

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