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8/5 - USBR Plant Protection told police that there were two men walking around behind the administration building. The officer found two men from a landscaping crew who had proper badges allowing them to be on the property.

- Police checked on a report that a “scruffy, tall male” had caused a disturbance at the public library. An officer looked for the man, who had apparently left the area.

- A man called police to report the theft of a $500 cell phone. Police are trying to get more information.

- A man called police to complain that it was the week he was supposed to pick up his son, but when he went to the location he learned that the mother and son were in Port Townsend. He said the parenting plan had been in effect for some time. He said he called his attorney but hadn’t received a call back. The officer told the man there wasn’t anything he could do since the boy was out of town.

- A man who had caused a disturbance at Jack’s Four Corners Service told police that he had been dumped off here and that he was trying to find a way back to Montana, where he lived. He stated he was sorry for what happened.

- At the State Patrol’s request, an officer responded to a call about a truck pulling a fifth-wheel trailer blocking SR-174 near milepost about nine miles west of Grand Coulee. The officer found that the truck had lost its transmission fluid and couldn’t move. A tow truck removed the truck and trailer from the roadway.

8/6 - Police checked on two highly intoxicated individuals on the roadway above the dam. They asked if the officer would give them a ride to Nespelem. The reply was “no” and they were told to stay out of the road. The officer was called a second time and gave them a ride to the casino so they wouldn’t be in the roadway.

- Police recovered a reportedly stolen cell phone from a woman at an address on Goodfellow Street in Electric City. She was wanted on three warrants on previous charges, and will face the additional charges of possession of stolen property, possession of methamphetamines and possession of drug paraphernalia. She was taken to Grant County jail.

- Police were asked to check on the welfare of a person at the Vets Center who was screaming that he had blood on his hands. The officer learned that the man had been having a post-traumatic stress problem and had been taken to Wilbur. The man had been yelling that he didn’t want to kill anymore and that he had blood on his hands. The man was given instructions while en route to a Wilbur motel on how to get to Spokane the following day.

- An officer checked on a report that four juvenile girls had thrown a rock that hit a car on Coulee Boulevard East. The officer found that one of the girls had thrown a rock at a boy during an argument. The officer could not find any place on the car that had been damaged by a rock, so after the parents became involved he left the scene.

- One man was banned from Sunbanks Lake Resort after police arrived to dispel what was reported as a large fight at the resort. The man banned appeared to be the instigator of at least one of the fights. No one was injured.

8/7 - Police were called to Burdin Boulevard when it was reported that a man had assaulted his girlfriend. The man in question had an earlier warrant out for his arrest. When found later, he was arrested and taken to Grant County jail. Additional charges were made on the domestic assault.

- A woman was stopped after running through a stop sign. When asked if she knew why she had been stopped, she stated, “because this is Grand Coulee.” She didn’t have a valid driver’s license and was charged for both offenses and advised not to drive.

- A man reported that someone had taken about 20 gallons of diesel from his dump truck and about 50 gallons from his roller. The incident occurred near Spokane Way and Noble.

8/8 - Police received a report of a man on the ground behind Center School. The man, known to police, said that he had been at a place the night before where he thought that the police might be called, so he left and just wanted to rest.

- A garage on the corner of Taylor and Coulee Boulevard in Electric City had the door kicked in. Police called the number listed and left a message.

- A man on Ronald Drive told police that the neighbor’s dog, “Muggsy,” had defecated in his yard again. Police had issued the dog’s owner a citation Aug. 5, for the same offense, and issued another one.

- A man requested a police escort to retrieve items from his house on Banks Avenue, required by court order. He was concerned about things in a freezer. He requested that police turn in his Bureau of Reclamation keys and identification badge.

- A man on Diamond Street reported that someone had knocked on his door but when he went there no one was around. The officer noticed a car parked nearby with both front windows down and advised the homeowner about it. The homeowner said someone had knocked on his door and run. Several juveniles were seen nearby and advised of the danger of knocking on doors at night.

8/9 - A Snoqualmie man got a break and only got a ticket for 10 mph over the speed limit after police had to chase him to Jones Bay after he had sped up to 70 mph plus. He said pictures of his deceased grandma in the back window prevented him from seeing the flashing lights and that he had just come from her funeral.

- A Burdin Boulevard woman complained about a neighbor unloading an old Cadillac on his lot. Police found that the vehicle was not stolen and the man wasn’t wanted by authorities.

- A woman on Jackson Street in Electric City told police that she confronted a man walking down the street with a backpack on and thought he had stolen something. Asked why she thought the man had stolen something, she responded, “He was wearing a backpack.”

8/10 - A woman reported that a man had thrown a sandwich at the window of a store and then drove off. The report didn’t identify what kind of sandwich it was or why it was thrown. The party responsible couldn’t be found.

- A woman was served with papers from the court in an anti-harassment suit and asked for an officer to stand by while she recovered some of her items from a house on Fortuyn Road. The officer looked at the document and many of the words were not legible. He told the woman to ask for a document that could be read before he would perform a standby for her.

- A man on Dill Avenue was told that a “Mexican looking guy” had been in his driveway, and he was concerned that he may have entered the garage. Police found a man who matched the description, who, when told why he was stopped, said he understood. Police cleared the incident.

8/11 - Police checked on a vehicle parked in Banks Lake Park after hours. A man inside said they were parked there so a companion could walk a dog. The report stated that both were intoxicated and told not to drive. USBR Plant Protection gave an OK for the couple to lock the vehicle and leave the park. They were told if they returned and drove they would be arrested.

8/11 - A woman on Bowen Street advised police that her 15-year-old daughter had run away. Police put out a report.

Coulee Dam

8/3 - A woman and her 2-year-old daughter were left behind when the family stopped for gas at Jack’s Coulee View service station. The woman and daughter had gone into the restroom, and when they came out the family had already left, apparently thinking that they were still asleep in the back seat. The woman called her husband in Tonasket, who drove down to pick the two up.

- A man on Camas Street told police that there was a 30-gallon barrel in his yard and it smelled of gasoline. Police took the barrel and disposed of it.

8/4 - Two women flagged down an officer and reported that they found the front door open at property they were looking after on the Elmer City Access Road. The officer noted that the locking devices had been pried loose. Tribal Police were notified of the burglary.

- Police are still trying to sort out an attempt by two women to recover $40 they said was owed to a member of one’s family by a woman living on Birch Street. The two had been let into the house but were unable to get the $40. One of the women said that another person had tossed her out the front door. All were asked to prepare statements.

- Police had asked that an abandoned vehicle be towed, but no wreckers were available. Later, the registered owner of the vehicle told police that even though he had sold the vehicle he would pay for the tow so the vehicle would no longer block a driveway.

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