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7/28 - An employee at Coulee Gas reported they had found several 5-gallon grease cans in their dumpster. The cans had a label of a firm in Omak on them. The firm was notified.

- A man on Williams Avenue in Electric City told police that he had left his garage door open to help keep the house cool while he was out of town. When he returned, a gas can filled with gas was missing. He estimated the loss at $70.

- A woman on School Avenue in Electric City informed police that when she was cleaning out her trailer a young man had been staying in she found miscellaneous pills and drug paraphernalia. She turned the items over to police to be destroyed.

7/29 - Four young people allegedly took a golf cart at Sunbanks Lake Resort, drove it around, then jumped out as it went downhill and they couldn’t stop it. The cart crashed into a cement post. The report is being sent to the prosecutor’s office for possible charging.

- Police warned a man and a woman on Main Street that if they kept making loud noises while arguing he would cite them for breach of the peace.

- A man arguing with a woman over possession of a dog was banned from a home on Sunset Drive in Electric City. Police told the couple that the possession of the dog was a civil matter that they needed to resolve.

- A Lapwai, Idaho driver was arrested and taken to Lincoln County jail on a warrant for driving with a suspended license. He faces additional charges of having no insurance, no tail lights, no trailer license and displaying a disfigured plate. It was the third time he had been charged with driving with a suspended license.

- A vehicle had a broken rear window at a Hill Avenue location. It was reported that someone had heard a shot and seen a vehicle leaving the area at night with its lights out. Police are investigating.

- A man living on Mead Avenue told police that he heard shots being fired on Eden Harbor Road.

- Police received a report that someone had been throwing beer bottles out of a Toyota truck in Electric City. The officer looked for the truck, but it was gone.

- A woman on E. Grand Coulee Avenue told police that someone had entered her residence and had loaded a number of tools into two suitcases to take. The suitcases were still there, but she reported a number of missing items including an iPod, two flat-screen TVs, a laptop computer, a wooden box containing the ashes of her deceased husband, a hand mirror, some bed sheets and miscellaneous jewelry. A witness reported that a Subaru had been parked nearby for about 15 minutes. Police are investigating.

7/30 - Police broke up a fight on Federal Avenue where eight people had gathered. Since it wasn’t established who started the fight, all eight dispersed and no charges were made.

- A man was located and is being charged with theft as he reportedly admitted taking nearly $350 of groceries from Safeway without paying for them. The officer’s report stated that the suspect said, “The first time I do something like this, and I get caught.” He was banned from Safeway and the groceries returned to the store.

- A storage unit was broken into at Young’s Welding. The person using the unit said some things were piled up as if someone planned to return and get them. The lock had been cut. Police found several tools out of place and sent them to the crime lab to see if they could find some prints.

- A woman found lying on the ground at North Dam Park was taken by ambulance to Coulee Medical Center.

7/31 - A Snohomish man who had too much to drink got into an argument with the security guard at Sunbanks Lake Resort in Electric City because the security guard had turned a flashlight on him. The man agreed to go to bed and sleep it off.

- Police were called when it was reported by a Coulee Gas clerk that there was a male nearby who was throwing rocks at customer cars. The male was gone when police arrived.

- Police took pictures of a car with windows knocked out and emailed them to Grant County officials. The owner of the vehicle said he didn’t know why someone would do that. The incident happened outside the city limits and in the county’s jurisdiction.

- Police assisted Coulee Dam police as they cleared a stalled vehicle off the bridge.

- A man with slurred speech had called Grant County jail asking to speak with an officer. When contacted, the man said he thought his mother was being threatened and was told that police would patrol the area.

- A man took some potato chips and a couple of cans of beer at Coulee Gas and left without paying for them. Police could not identify the suspect from security camera shots.

8/1 - A clerk at Skydeck Motel in Electric City told police that she had been threatened by a phone call telling her she had better “watch her back.” Police asked her to talk with her phone provider and check the calls made to her number.

8/2 - An Electric City man who was wanted on a warrant was seen near Burdin Boulevard. He was arrested and taken to Grant County jail.

8/3 - A man who lost his dog while at the Laser Light Show was referred to Okanogan County dispatch.

- Police were called to Coulee Gas on a report that a man had fallen and hit his head and then went behind the store to urinate. Police questioned the man, who said he didn’t fall, but admitted to urinating.

- Police checked on a suspicious vehicle report on Hill Avenue only to find that the driver was trying to find the way to Eden Harbor to go swimming.

- A Coulee Dam resident was stopped on Spokane Way because his vehicle didn’t have a license plate or any evidence of registration on the rear of his truck. He was cited for failing to renew his registration.

- A woman from Lake Stevens told police that she had reserved a room in a local motel and since she was arriving late was told that a key would be set out for her. There was no key when she arrived and a call to a responsible party was not a working number. She was advised to try another motel.

8/4 - Police checked on a reported burglary in progress at a house on Second Street after a woman was seen entering the residence through a window. Police confronted the woman, who said she would be at the door in a minute because she was taking a shower. She explained that she and her husband were getting a divorce, and she didn’t have a key to the place. After checking on her story, the officers advised her to get a key next time and not to enter through a window.

- A Grand Coulee man was cited for failing to use his turn signal while entering SR-174 from Burdin Boulevard.

- USBR Plant Protection advised police that someone was flying a drone on federal property above the dam. When checked, the responsible party admitted he didn’t have a federal permit to fly the drone in the area and brought it down.

- A woman on Main Street complained to police that a man was parking his truck in the alley behind her house and on her property. The man said he didn’t think he parked on her property. Police check the city’s map and concluded that it was her property and advised the man not to park there.

8/5 - A resident of E. Grand Coulee Avenue told police that a neighbor’s dog had defecated in his yard. He showed police pictures of the incident. The owner of the dog was cited.

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