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By Lou Stone 

A tribal court gamed by the council is no legal court

Letter to the Editor


In order to get around the censorship of the Colville tribal members’ newspaper, the Tribal Tribune (TT), I want to specifically thank publishers for printing reports about sordid tribal Colville Business Council (CBC) conduct.

So what part of the “Clowncil” trying to protect an impeachable chief judge of the Colville Tribal Court is incompetence-based racketeering?

“Grifting” definition: grift (grft) Slang n. 1. Money made dishonestly, as in a swindle. 2. A swindle or confidence game. v. grift·ed, grift·ing, grifts, Grifter v.intr. To engage in swindling or cheating. To obtain by swindling or cheating.

You may ask yourself, what is the big deal about having a tribal court free of Clowncil grift and general racketeering anyways? For those people who find themselves in tribal court, it is not hard to answer that question.

But let me first drill down into Clowncil grift and incompetence: The grifter will exploit the incompetence or stupidity of an unsuspecting Clown. That grifter taking advantage of the Clown is what our Colville Tribal Clowncil racketeering operation has been built upon over the decades. It’s no secret about that Mess, that’s for sure.

In governments, it is believed and expected, the one way to find relief from uncontrolled abuse by so-called leaders, is a “lawful” court system. The idea is that the court system is lawful and has clean hands itself.

What if the Clowncil racketeering has its invisible hand inside the Tribal Court? Even if there may be a law creating a “Separation of Powers,” the grifting racket’s black hand will and does find its way into that court. That is a sad day, a day long past, for the members of the Colville Confederanted Tribes.

Separation of Powers provides that, while the CBC passed laws and rules, if those laws and rules are violated even by the CBC, the Court is “separate” and can rule upon a filed claim that the Clowncil has, in fact, violated its own laws. Some of the laws and rules violated by the Clowncil include environmental protection of land and water resources, medicines, and civil and constitutional rights of the tribal members. Other popular civil and constitutional abuses by the Clowncil, and pending, are criminal-fraudulent dis-enrollments and criminal and fraudulent assaults against tribal members’ tribal employment rights; violations against the Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance — a Colville Tribal Law!

If you have an impeachable chief judge, and tribal attorneys are legal counsel for the Clowncil who might have grifted each other, what chance does a tribal court judge have to not be “flipped” by this racket? You could ask yourself, what would cause a chief judge and a corporate attorney to need to flip a court judge for anyways, huh? And, what if a court judge refused to be flipped? The chief judge could dismiss such a court judge and appoint any person to replace that court judge.

In any event, attempting to flip or succeeding in flipping a judge and showing extreme contempt of court are federal criminal violations that deserve prosecution.

So you see, with the black hand of grifting and racketeering between the Clowncil, an impeachable chief judge, and the cheapest of incompetent corporate attorneys money can buy, tribal members can or should quickly understand the court is rigged. Those grifters are gaming The Court. When The Court is rigged, what can tribal members do about it?

Tribal Court, when gamed, is unable to be the decider of whether or not the CBC has violated its own laws and damaged The Peoples and attacked the tribal constitution itself. A rigged court is no legal court.

Well, the TT won’t print letters to the editor describing it and complaining about it. It doesn’t take a journalist to see how the grift has reduced the TT to a rag for the Clowncil, a rigged rag as it is. TT is a rigged rag powered by grift. And the grifted Clowncil, having crippled the Ethics Committee, won’t conduct itself within Rules of Professional Conduct.

I always have to wonder if adult members of The Tribes realize what they are leaving behind for the children, let alone the Seventh Generation. Mess, Mess II, Mess III.

Lou Stone


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