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7/17 - A Grand Coulee woman who ran her car onto a boulder on Roosevelt Drive was cited for driving while under the influence.

- USBR Plant Protection advised police that people were climbing on the concrete pillars that overhang the feeder canal. Police found three individuals and told them the area was off limits.

- A motorist stopped police to report that water was coming up through the road at Grand Avenue in Electric City. It was reported to the city crew, which established that it was a broken water main.

7/18 - A driver on Martin Road traveling 31 mph in a 20 mph zone was stopped by police, who found that he didn’t have a driver’s license and that he was wanted on a warrant for his arrest. He was taken to Grant County Jail.

- A woman living on Kelso Avenue in Electric City reported to police that a bicycle had been stolen from her residence.

7/19 - A man told police that someone had stolen his vehicle from Yakima Street NE. He said the key was stuck in the ignition and there was no way to remove it. He had no idea who might have taken it. The vehicle was later found at Coulee Playland.

- A woman on Roosevelt Drive reported that someone had stolen her car, a Dodge Dart. She said the key might have dropped off her key ring when she was removing groceries from the car.

- A man told police that his wife’s car parked at Safeway had been struck by another vehicle in an area not covered by a security camera.

- A Grand Coulee driver, pulled over because of a faulty light, was cited for an expired registration.

7/20 - Police are looking for a woman whom a security camera recorded trying to break into B Street Buds, a marijuana retail shop on Burdin Boulevard.

- A Grand Coulee man complained to police that someone had parked his vehicle in such a way that he couldn’t get his trailer. He requested that the car be moved. It was reported to police that the owner of the vehicle had moved, but had been seen in the area.

- Police stated that they will ask that charges be filed against two men who got in a fight on Second Street. One had confronted the other on remarks he had made about his girlfriend, and the two exchanged blows.

- A woman was banned from an E. Grand Coulee Avenue address after she got in a verbal argument with a woman who lived there.

- The National Park Service picked up an abandoned kayak in Eden Harbor after it was reported by police.

- A woman who took a dog from a man who said he couldn’t take it with him as he was leaving the state, said he started harassing her with text messages after she had found a new home for the dog. She was going to furnish copies of the text messages to police.

- A Spokane man told police that he launched his boat at Crescent Bay, and when he returned someone had broken into his pickup. He said a stereo system was taken along with a jack and jack stands, emergency roadside kit, some Snap-on ratcheting straps, spiderweb truck strap, some Craftsman tools and a lug wrench. Damage to the pickup’s door was also noted.

7/22 - Police responded to a report of a disturbance on Bowen Street. Officers found a man wanted on two warrants, arrested him and took him to Grant County Jail.

- Police arrested a Nespelem woman accused of trying to gain access to B Street Buds, a marijuana store on Burdin Boulevard July 13. The owner of the store produced a picture of the suspect from a security camera. Police had been looking for her and finally found her hiding in a car. She was taken to Grant County Jail and is being charged with attempted burglary, third-degree malicious mischief and possession of methamphetamines.

- A man walking in the road above the dam who said he was looking for change was told by an officer that it was dangerous being in the road.

- The Washington State Patrol requested help locating rocks in the road on SR-155. Golf ball-sized rocks were located at milepost 8, about 13 miles from Grand Coulee, and were cleared from the roadway.

- An officer observed a man at Weil Place, known to have a Department of Corrections warrant for his arrest, and took him to Grant County Jail.

- A man at Spokane Boulevard NE told police that someone had taken his $1,200 wood splitter. Police followed an oil leak from the machine but couldn’t determine who took it.

- USBR Plant Protection had a report that two children had been left unattended in a running vehicle in the Safeway parking lot and informed police of the call. The officer couldn’t find the vehicle; apparently it had left.

- Police went to a Main Street location where there was a dispute about someone cutting down a tree. The tree remains.

7/23 - Dispatch advised police of loud music coming from Electric City Bar and Grill. The reporting officer stated he could hear the music as he passed Coulee Playland. The officer advised the bartender of the problem and when the band finished the song they were playing, they signed off for the night.

- A woman on Sunny Drive reported that while she was away someone had entered her home through the garage and taken a number of items.

- Police observed a vehicle with an expired tab and found that the driver was wanted on a warrant out of Okanogan County for failing to appear in court on a theft charge. The woman was arrested and taken to Okanogan County Jail, and is also being charged with driving with a suspended license, having no insurance, not having registration in the vehicle and failing to renew registration.

- USBR Plant Protection reported a person stumbling near the top of the dam. When police arrived, it was reported that the person had gotten into a car and left the area.

7/24 - Police stopped a Moses Lake driver after noticing a large crack in the windshield. The driver was issued a ticket for driving with a suspended license and for defective equipment. The vehicle was towed and the driver left on foot.

- Campers at Sunbanks Lake Resort reported to police that a large number of alcohol products had been taken from their campsite.

- A tribal officer struck a deer near Federal Avenue and had to kill it. His vehicle had a dent in the front.

- A motorcyclist had passed through a barrier on North Dam, and was advised by police to use a little sense about going through obvious barriers to an area. He wasn’t cited.

- A man who allegedly took a phone from an employee at Safeway was identified and found walking on Alcan Road. There was a warrant for his arrest from the Department of Corrections and he was taken to Grant County Jail. The phone was found where he had thrown it in the sagebrush, and a theft charge was added to his woes.

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