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5/14 - A Spokane Valley driver was cited for going 50 mph in a 40 mph zone near the top of the dam.

5/17 - A man on Ronald Drive reported a suspicious vehicle in the area. It was stated that the vehicle had sped through the alley three times.

- A woman reported from jail that her vehicle had been stolen.

- The owner of H&H Grocery reported a person who took two packages of danishes without paying for them. Police asked for a copy of the security tape.

5/18 - Police advised two tenants at Continental Heights to stay away from each other. The two had indicated a dislike of each other and one told police that he felt threatened by the other.

- A resident of Roosevelt Drive complained of a noisy dog. Police drove the area but could not hear any dogs barking.

5/19 - Police checked on a 911 hang-up call and learned that a man and woman were having a verbal argument.

- A woman in Electric City told police that her “service dog” had gotten out and that she saw on Facebook that it was being adopted by an older couple. Police are trying to verify the ownership of the dog.

- Police found the door to Flo’s Cafe open and reported it to the owner. The owner had a friend lock the door.

A resident of Alcan Road was arrested on a felony warrant and taken to Grant County Jail.

- A 9-year-old girl was reported missing in the Electric Boulevard area in Electric City. Police were later informed that she had been found.

- An Electric City man was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail after a domestic dispute in which he allegedly shoved his wife.

5/20 - A man known to have a warrant out for his arrest was seen on Burdin Boulevard, arrested and taken to Grant County Jail.

- Four juveniles were warned about going over the railing on government property above the dam. The four left the area.

5/21 - A man who lives on Aspen Street allegedly tried to elude police and crashed his car near the top of the dam. He then ran from the scene and went over the embankment. Police were advised by USBR Plant Protection where the man was hiding and he was eventually led back up to the roadway and taken to the police station. The man was taken to Grant County Jail and is being charged with driving under the influence and trying to elude police.

- Police advised three young boys to use the trail provided to get to the lake and fish. An officer had been notified that the trio had entered the area by jumping over a barrier.

- An employee of Sunbanks Lake Resort asked for police to come to the resort, where an individual who had had too much to drink was finally ordered off the property.

5/22 - An officer responded to a domestic issue at a residence on Silver Drive in Electric City. Both the man and his wife had been drinking and the officer asked the man if he could spend the night someplace else so the two could sober up. He said he could.

5/22 - A Moses Lake woman was banned from the Crescent Bay area after an officer found that she had pitched a tent near the boat launch area. When he found the tent, he put it down because there was no one near it. When he returned later, the woman had a fire started. The officer told her that she could neither pitch a tent nor light a fire in the area, and he reminded her of pertinent signs at the entrance to the area. The woman complained that her tent had been put down and told the officer that she planned to return to Moses Lake.

- Police responded to a report of domestic violence in Electric City. When contacted, the man and woman said they were stressed out but there was no violence. They were told that if they started arguing again they needed to separate. They agreed.

- A noise complaint from the Goodfellow area in Electric City was determined to be music from the Blues Festival at Sunbanks Lake Resort.

- Two fishermen who were in the area where the canal feeds into Banks Lake were advised that they needed to be out of the area by dusk. They packed up and left.

5/23 - Police checked on two semi trucks parked in the parking lot across from the USBR administration building. The drivers said they had material for the Bureau of Reclamation at Marina Way. They were given directions.

- A member of the Electric City crew told police that a smoke alarm was going off at a residence on Washington Place. Police found a drunken man who had just moved in, who stated that he had passed out and that the dinner he had been preparing burned up on the stove.

- A woman on B Street said she had loaned her grandson her pickup so he could attend the blues festival at Sunbanks Lake Resort. The festival had ended the day before, but he hadn’t returned. She wanted to report it stolen.

5/24 - An officer went to Burdin Boulevard where two people were reportedly fighting. Police found a man and his wife had been arguing, but nothing physical had occurred. The woman had frequent outbursts. The two were advised that if police had to return to the area, someone would be going to jail.

- A man told police that someone had stolen his truck keys. Police found the man near the Moose Lodge, drunk. He said his nephew had stolen his keys. The nephew said he took the keys to prevent his uncle from driving while intoxicated. Police took the keys and advised the intoxicated man that they would hang on to them until he sobered up.

5/25 - A woman told police that she thought a man had entered her aunt’s room at the hospital and taken prescription drugs and some money from her purse. Since then, her aunt has died. Police are investigating.

- A patrol officer saw a woman, known to be wanted on a warrant for her arrest, in a vehicle. She was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail.

- Police stopped a vehicle on SR-155 that didn’t have a rear license plate. The officer noticed that a trip permit on the rear window had been altered. The woman admitted to altering the permit and stated she didn’t have the registration or her license with her, and had no insurance. She was cited for the violations.

5/26 - Two fishermen were escorted out of the North Dam area because they were fishing before sunrise. They left the area.

- Jack’s Service at Four Corners reported that someone had broken into the change machine at the car wash. The machine was dusted for fingerprints.

- A man on Roosevelt Drive reported that someone had taken his tool box loaded with tools. The tool box had been lifted through the window of the man’s garage.

- Police responded to a “loud music” complaint in Electric City at Park and Goodfellow. The man turned his music down.

- A man on Dill Avenue reported that he and his girlfriend had broken up and she had his motorcycle, which he wanted back. Police advised the woman that the man was the legal owner of the motorcycle. Police told the man that it was a civil matter until the bike was reported stolen. The man said he would think about it.

- A Bellingham man called to report that his wife had dropped her camera at a pulloff on highway 174, where they had stopped to look at the dam. Police went to the site, found the camera and advised the man.

- A man reported that someone had damaged the windshield of his car that was parked on his property on Main Street.

5/27 - A 51-year-old woman was treated by EMTs and taken to Coulee Medical Center after she received serious injuries after falling off a cliff at Crown Point. She reportedly had been at the edge of the cliff, without pants, practicing yoga. She was bending over when she fell backward over the cliff. The report stated that she was about halfway down an embankment when attended to by EMTs.

5/28 - Police went to a vacant house on Ronald Drive after receiving a report that a man with a bicycle was inside. Police noticed a window had been opened. When officers went around the house, they found a man climbing a tree. He said he was going up the tree to get a rope loose. He was banned from the property and the house was made secure.

- Police got a call from Sunbanks Resort where a fight had been reported. Officers arrived and talked with a man and woman camping together. The woman said the man had shoved her from the bed the previous night. When questioned, the man said the woman had been intoxicated and had hit him before he pushed her out of bed. He stated that the woman was irritated when he poured out some liquor. A couple that was with the two said the woman had been very drunk and had sat on an open cooler and urinated on drinks inside. Neither party wished to press charges.

5/29 - A Wilbur man was pulled over for a defective tail light and found to be wanted for parole violations. He was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail on the warrant and faces additional charges of driving without a license and having no insurance, and for the defective tail lamp.

- Police checked on a reported fight in the parking lot of Electric City Bar and Grill. The officer learned that a man was trying to give his drunken friend a ride home and there was an argument. The parties left the area.

- An officer was called to Sunbanks Lake Resort because it was reported that three people wearing hoodies were knocking on doors and looking into vehicles. Police found a couple of drunken men who said they couldn’t find their cabin. Police took the two to their cabin and told them to stay inside.

- A Lincoln, Wash. man told police that his son had taken his truck without permission. He said the truck contained his billfold and $500 in cash. The man said he and his son had exchanged text messages and that he wanted to report the truck as stolen. He did state that his son was on his way back with the truck. The son returned the truck and the man decided not to press charges against his son.

5/30 - An Electric City man living on Park Avenue was arrested for assault in the fourth degree after allegedly striking his brother in the stomach and in the face with his fists.He was taken to Grant County Jail.

Coulee Dam


5/15 - A man living on River Drive told police that his girlfriend had made some threats and he wanted police to know about it. Police went to the residence and the man stated that he didn’t want to do anything about it. The two had been arguing for the past two days, but the man couldn’t say what the argument was about. The woman agreed to leave and stay elsewhere overnight so things could cool down.

5/18 - Four drivers received warnings for rolling through stop signs and three others got warnings for speeding.

5/19 - A driver on River Drive got a warning for not having a front license plate displayed.

5/21 - Two drivers exchanged information about insurance after a truck backed into a vehicle at the Smoke Shack.

- An officer assisted the Grand Coulee ambulance crew picking up a patient in Elmer City.

- A driver was warned after cutting a corner too sharply while entering River Drive.

- A woman reported that two boys had been shooting pistols in the Holly Street area and when she told them to stop, one of them responded with profanity. An officer talked with both boys, one of whom lived in Electric City, and learned that the boys were using air guns. They stated that they were not pointing them at anyone. One boy denied that he used profanity in answering the woman. The boys were advised that guns were dangerous and that they needed to be careful.

5/22 - A man on Aspen Street told an officer that he had heard several gunshots in his area. After hearing some gunshots, the officer advised the man that there were two gun ranges in the area.

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