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5/7 - An Electric City man was banned from an Electric City tavern when he refused to leave after being asked. He had brought a couple of guitars and an amplifier into the bar and then used some of the equipment that belonged to the band playing. He gave Conrad Hilton as a reference. His equipment was returned to his car and he was told to leave and not come back.

5/8 - Police responded to a threat report at Jack’s Four Corner Service and found that the person making the threat had left.

- A man in Electric City told police that he let a disturbed man stay at his house for a couple of days and let him use his car. He said there was a house key on the car key ring and he suspected that the man had entered his house later and taken some prescription medicine and $400 in cash.

5/9 - A woman with a Moses Lake address, who was stopped for going over the center line and nearly hitting a patrol car, allegedly gave a false name at first and had a suspended license. The officer found the woman had several warrants out for her arrest. She was taken to Grant County Jail and the officer is asking that lying to a police officer be added to charges.

- A man was given a warning after his dog tried to attack and bite a man who was walking past the Spring Canyon apartments. He was told if it occurred again he would be cited.

- Police responding to an alarm at a Banks Avenue house found that a door had been jimmied and someone had apparently been staying in the house. The owners of the house were notified and stated they would check on the place.

- A man occupying a residence on Stevens Avenue in Electric City where the water had been shut off for non-payment is being accused of turning the meter on and off and drawing more than $40 worth of water. The prosecutor’s office has been notified. The man had reportedly done the same thing at another location in the city.

- A man, with whom police had had several contacts within the past few days, was arrested for felony harassment after an incident at the school and taken to Okanogan County Jail. He allegedly had made threats to his wife and school officials.

- A man driving a van was stopped for going 56 mph in a 40 mph zone and cited for speeding.

5/10 - Officers responded to a call that a small child had been found wandering the area around Goodfellow Avenue in Electric City. Later, an officer found an uncle who had been temporarily in charge of the child while its mother made some calls around town to pay some bills. The report stated that Child Protective Services had made contact on the incident.

5/11 - A Grand Coulee woman told an officer at the police station that she had received a letter telling her to appear in Grant County District Court and that she thought another person had used her name. A check by the officer confirmed that there was a warrant for her arrest and he took her to Grant County Jail.

- A woman living on Butler Square told police that a man had been threatening her through social media. She is furnishing police with the copies of his statements.

- Police stopped a Nespelem driver wanted on a warrant for her arrest from the Department of Corrections. At first, she allegedly gave a false name, but the officer got a description and photo from dispatch and it matched. The woman also possessed a double-edged dagger. Charges of giving false information to a police officer and being in possession of a dangerous weapon will be added to the woman’s other problems.

- Safeway officials told police that a woman had taken a bottle of liquor and left without paying for it. An employee said he knew who it was. Police couldn’t find the woman but are asking for a recording from the security camera.

- Police followed up on a noise complaint on Williams Street in Electric City and the occupant of the house told the officer, “I don’t even have it turned up all the way.” He was warned that next time he would be cited.

- Police were called to Coulee Gas because a clerk stated that an intoxicated minor was there. Police intervened and found that a woman, 18, had in her possession cocaine, methamphetamines and marijuana. The woman, from Brownstone, Washington, is being charged with drug possession. The driver of the car, from Nespelem, faces charges of giving false statements to an officer, obstructing an officer, having no valid driver’s license and having an open alcohol container in the vehicle.

5/12 - A driver from Alcan Road was cited for driving with a suspended license and for not having insurance after being pulled over on Burdin Boulevard.

- An Electric City man, who had been cited numerous times for driving while his license was suspended, was stopped again. Police are asking prosecutors to take this into consideration when the report is handled. The man broke his leg the day before, he said, so a friend came to drive him home. His car was towed.

- A man on Roosevelt Drive told police that a neighbor had seven dogs and they were barking non-stop. The officer drove the area but couldn’t hear dogs barking.

- Police checked on a report that there was an intoxicated person on highway 174, near the edge of the city. He became belligerent when asked questions and police told him to stay off the road. Later, the same man had made seven 911 calls and the officer returned. The man stated then that he had been trying to call his mother. The officer made the call for him, but the man’s mother refused to take the call because her son had earlier threatened her. The man was told again to stay off the road.

- An officer checked on a woman reportedly crying at North Dam Park. The woman didn’t want to talk about it with the officer but said she just wanted to lie down in the park.

5/13 - USBR Plant Protection asked that police check on a man coming up the Coulee Dam hill who was bending over the guardrail. The man explained that he was just collecting rocks. He was told to stay on the sidewalk provided.

- An Elmer City driver, stopped for a faulty headlamp, was also cited for no insurance and failure to display registration.

- A Division Street woman, stopped for a faulty brake light, was found be wanted on a warrant for her arrest for escape of community custody. She could not provide any of the documents requested by the officer. She was cited for not having a driver’s license, having no insurance and not being able to provide registration. She was taken to Grant County Jail.

- A man who told police he was a professional hitch hiker was banned from Jack’s Spring Canyon Service because he was scaring customers and refused to leave when asked to. The officer told him he had two choices — either leave or go to jail. He said he would walk. He cursed the officer and walked away, flipping the officer off. The officer then gave the man a ride to Lincoln County and told him he could catch the bus in about 35 minutes. He told the officer that he didn’t ride buses.

- A woman living on Division Street told police that she was at an Electric City address to recover items that the owner had stolen from her. Police tried to find the man but couldn’t locate him.

- A man sleeping in the USBR Visitor Center lower parking lot after hours was told he had to move. He did.

Coulee Dam

5/3 - A woman came to the police department to report that she had gone in the restroom at Mason City Park and when she came out the lock on her truck was broken. Bird’s Auto was called and the truck door was opened for her.

- A woman was stopped for going 10 mph over the speed limit on Elmer City Access Road. When the officer asked for the her license she said she had never had one. After smelling alcohol and giving her some basic field tests, the officer told her she needed to call someone to take charge of the vehicle. She called her brother, who came. The woman was charged with driving under the influence and then released to her brother.

5/4 - A woman complained about a barking dog. The owner stated that the dog barks when the kids come home from school. The person complaining was told of the explanation.

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