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5/2 - An Ephrata man was cited for not having insurance after an officer stopped him near North Dam Park because of a faulty headlamp. He got a verbal warning on the headlamp.

- Police responded to a domestic issue at a residence on Roosevelt Avenue in Electric City. A man was trying to gain access to a home to get his things, but his wife would not let him in. Since the disagreement was only verbal there was no crime, police stated. The problems continued and the woman was advised to get a no-contact order through the court system.

- A man on Gold Avenue told police that someone was letting the air out of the tires on his vehicle. He requested more patrols in the area.

- A man on Fourth Street told police that a neighbor woman keeps coming onto his property and feeding his dog food that is making his dog sick.

- A trucker who parked his rig alongside the curb in front of Safeway was told that his truck and trailer made it impossible for people leaving the store lot to see traffic coming from the south. He was advised where he could park in the future. He stated that he parked there to get a quick snack as he was driving through the area.

5/3 - Police advised a couple that they had been banned from Coulee Playland. They were told if they returned they would be arrested. They left.

- A person on Noble Road told police that he thought there was a person in a tree nearby with a flashlight. Police couldn’t find anyone in a tree with a flashlight.

- A woman was told not to have contact with an Electric City woman whom she accused of meddling with her boyfriend.

5/4 - A Fish & Wildlife agent told police of a possible assault near Coulee City and said that a man involved might be at Coulee Medical Center. Police contacted the man, who stated that a woman had run him over with her car. Police were advised that the man may have struck the woman’s windshield, which the man denied. Police were looking for the woman.

5/5 - A woman on Bowen Street told police that her ex-husband had been at her door and initially told her that her son had been shot. Then he sent her dozens of text messages. She asked that he be banned from contacting her. The man was advised and admitted sending the text messages.

- A woman was banned from the Center Lodge Motel area, due to a complaint by a man residing there, who said that the woman, his mother-in-law, was harassing him.

- Police checked on a woman at a residence on Bowen Street who had been reported as suicidal. She stated she had no intention of hurting herself.

- A woman reported a vehicle prowl on Butler Square. She told police that she thought a man she gave a ride to took her flashlight, worth about $60.

5/6 - A woman told police that a woman had assaulter her outside the Hi-Dam bar. The woman had two scratches on her face. She was asked to provide a statement of the incident.

- The father of a child who had a court order from Wisconsin was at Silver Drive in Electric City to pick up the child and was having trouble doing so. Police advised all parties to let the father have the child.

- A woman was told she was banned from an apartment on Hill Avenue. The report stated that the woman would be cited for failing to carry medications in the proper container.

- Police responded to a house on Roosevelt Drive because of a man in cardiac arrest. The officer gave CPR until an ambulance arrived. The man was taken to Coulee Medical Center and later flown to Spokane.

- A man living on Roosevelt Avenue in Electric City was referred to mental health in Moses Lake since the mental health office in Grand Coulee was closed. The man said he was willing to drive to Moses Lake for treatment.

5/7 - A Yakima woman told a police officer that she had tried to hurt herself. She showed her wrist where she had sliced it. She was taken to Coulee Medical Center.

- A woman living in a Hill Avenue apartment told police that others in the apartment complex were trying to pick a fight with her. The other parties were told to leave the woman alone.

- The owners of two vehicles involved in an accident in the Safeway parking lot exchanged information. One pulled in and hit the door of the other.

- A man on Roosevelt Drive was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail after he allegedly head butted his sister because she told his wife a secret.

- Officers responded to a motorcycle wreck near milepost 24 on SR-155 where people were trying to treat the operator, who had left the roadway and was not responding. The driver of the motorcycle was taken to Coulee Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. The investigation was turned over to the Washington State Patrol.

- The drivers of two vehicles parked in front of a sign telling them that people were not allowed in North Dam Park after daylight hours were asked to leave after the officer admonished them for not reading the sign.

5/8 - A Nespelem man was arrested on a fourth-degree assault charge after an altercation with his wife near Fusion Cafe. He was taken to Grant County Jail.

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