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4/2 - A woman who resides on Weil Place was sent a citation after police viewed security footage and determined that she had backed into another vehicle at Coulee Gas and then left the scene.

4/4 - An officer directed traffic while waiting for Grant County PUD to fix a power line after a pole caught fire near Young’s Welding in Electric City.

- An officer responded to an apartment complex on Hill Road where a man had staggered out into the roadway and collapsed. The officer found an apparently intoxicated man on the roadway with a can of 211 Steel Reserve nearby. The officer tried to get the man to talk with him but he could only mumble. An ambulance was called to take the man to the hospital.

- A Nespelem man was stopped for going 12 mph over the 20 mph speed limit on Martin Road. He was cited for having no driver ‘slicense and no insurance, and for speeding. He was told not to drive the car and responded that he would get a licensed driver to move the vehicle.

4/6 - A Grand Coulee woman reported that someone had used her bank card twice for $503 each in Washington D.C. She told police that she did not authorize the card’s use.

- A woman who has a house on Grand Coulee Avenue East told police that her home had been burglarized. Police said there were pry marks on the back door. Missing were two TV sets, a Sony speaker system and jewelry boxes.

- A Nespelem woman was cited for malicious mischief after allegedly tearing up another woman’s mail at a Federal Avenue apartment.

- A man on Continental Heights advised police that he had been called by an unknown party about owing money. He said he didn’t return the call because it was a scam call.

- Police responded to a 911 hang-up call and found that the call was made by a 5-year-old boy.

- A 12-year-old boy from Nespelem told police that he had walked from his home to Grand Coulee to play with a friend and that he had been in an argument and wanted to go home. While police were talking with the boy, his father showed up and stated the boy was supposed to be at his sister’s house.

4/8 - Police checked on a report of a man walking through the sagebrush near Delano, yelling. They were able to identify the man.

- Police checked on a domestic issue on Hill Avenue and found a couple who stated they were arguing about money. They were told to keep the conversation civil.

4/9 - Police checked on an open door in the office area of the grain elevators. Police found nothing out of place, secured the door and left.

4/10 - A Soap Lake man known to police had his vehicle impounded after he was stopped and found to have a suspended license, no insurance and a trip permit that had been doctored. He was cited for these offenses.

- Police checked on a suspicious noise at a trailer park on Lincoln Avenue in Electric City. It turned out that the noise was from a swamp cooler motor.

- A man reported a large fire on Burdin Boulevard. It turned out to be a fire pit fire in a backyard. The homeowner said he had left the fire to go inside for a minute. He was advised he needed to be with the fire at all times.

- Plant Protection advised police that there were two men at the Visitor Center acting weird, one with a football and the other with a backpack. Police were told the man with the backpack had entered the VC with it, which is forbidden. Police spoke with the individual who said the two had been taking pictures. Then the officer spoke to two VC employees who said they were unaware that backpacks were not allowed inside.

- A woman on Burdin Boulevard said she had been threatened by her neighbor. Police were not able to find the man to talk with him.

- A woman on Pearl Avenue called to report she had a Doberman pinscher that had wandered onto her property. The officer returned it to the owner.

Coulee Dam


3/31 - Police checked on a vehicle that had been parked on Columbia Avenue for several days, which the reporting party said had a lot of clothes in it. A resident nearby said the vehicle belonged to a niece who was planning to leave for Montana.

- A vehicle was clocked at 56 mph in a 35 mph area near the Elmer City Access Road. The driver received a verbal warning.

- A driver received a warning when his vehicle was clocked at 36 mph in a 20 mph zone on Crest Drive.

- “Don’t roll through the stop sign at Roosevelt Way and Mead Way,” was the message an officer gave to a driver. It came in the form of a warning.

4/1 - Officers gave warnings to drivers who rolled through stop signs, exceeded the speed limit and who still had their studded tires on.

4/4 - Police checked on a vacant house on Pine Street after getting a call that a person nearby heard banging noises thought to be coming from the house. Police found the back door unlocked but no one inside. The back door wouldn’t lock, and the officer was trying to find the person responsible for the house.

- Police gave a man a ride to Nespelem after determining that he had been drinking. The officer was afraid that he might wander out into the roadway and be struck by a vehicle.

- A woman was stopped for easing through a stop sign, and the officer found that her license had been suspended for not paying a traffic ticket. She was cited, and her sister came to take charge of the vehicle.

- A driver got off with a warning when he failed to yield for another vehicle while driving right in front of a patrol car.

4/6 - An officer checked on an alarm at the mayor’s office in town hall but was unable to turn it off because his code didn’t work.

- Police responded to a verbal dispute at the Coulee Dam Casino. The officer found a couple in a vehicle across the street arguing about whether to go home.

4/7 - An officer checked on another alarm call at the mayor’s office at town hall.

- Officers answered an intrusion alarm on Cedar Street. The house was checked and there was no problem, just a faulty alarm.

4/9 - A woman on Camas Street told police that her dogs had been barking for a long time and she was worried that someone might be taking things from her neighbors. The homeowners next door were observed doing yard work.

- Police checked on a two-car accident on Birch Street. One vehicle had estimated damages of $2,000 and the other $1,000. The two parties exchanged insurance information. There were no injuries.

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