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3/1 - Police say a woman was caught on a security camera taking liquor from Safeway and putting the bottle into her coat pocket. Police are investigating.

3/4 - Police are investigating another theft of liquor from Safeway. A security camera showed a male putting a bottle of liquor into his pants and flee from the store, police said. They are trying to identify the suspect.

3/14 - On the hillside near the Trail West Motel, police chased a man who had taken four bottles of liquor from Safeway without paying for them. A store official said the man had been in before and did the same thing. Police were reviewing the security camera in hopes of identifying him.

3/15 - A Coulee Dam man was tasered by Coulee Dam officers after a long foot chase that ended near the Columbia River. Grand Coulee officers helped get the suspect into a patrol car and he was taken to Okanogan County Jail.

- A man on A Street was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail for violation of a protection order.

- Dispatch advised police that a juvenile with a warrant for his arrest was in a house on Sunny Drive in Electric City. The youth was apprehended and taken to the Okanogan County’s juvenile facility.

- A man who had stored some things in a house on A Street returned to take them. The homeowner, who let the man inside, told police he heard noises from a back bedroom and that when he entered, the man was passing items out of a back window. He left, but his girlfriend remained. She was told that she was banned from the property. The homeowner didn’t know at the time whether any of his items had been taken.

3/16 - A man at Continental Heights said he received a call from someone saying they were with the IRS. He hung up and called police.

- A man on Hill Avenue told police that he saw a skinny man with long hair, wearing a hood, walk up the street with a gun in his hand. Police were unable to locate the man.

- A man on E Street was told to turn his music down because it was disturbing his neighbors. He did.

3/17 - A man in Electric City reported that a strange vehicle had been parked in his driveway and he asked the driver to leave. He gave police a description of the vehicle and asked for more patrols near his house.

- Police were looking for a vehicle in Electric City that had hit a yield sign and knocked it over. Patrol looked in the area for the vehicle but couldn’t find it.

- A driver from Nespelem was cited for not having insurance and not having a valid plate on her vehicle. She and her male companion were told they could not move the vehicle until it was properly licensed.

- A man on Federal Avenue reported that someone had taken his Internet router. Later, the man who had taken it brought it back. He said he didn’t know the man, but a neighbor stated to police that he had hooked up a router for a man and gave police his name.

3/19 - Police were called to Rainbow Drive North in Lincoln County on an assistance call. The caller said he had seen a man talking with some government people and then a gunshot. The man told police that he was firing at a target from behind the house when he saw two men. The men told him they were with the government and doing survey work. An argument ensued and later the two men left.

- Police were told that there was a man down on the street near Electric City Bar and Grill. An official there said the man had come inside but was highly intoxicated and was taken outside. He collapsed on the street and an ambulance was called to take him to Coulee Medical Center.

- Police checked on a man in the Safeway parking lot who looked suspicious. He said he was just walking around. A Safeway employee stated that the man comes into the store and places things in a cart, but never goes through the checkout stand. The man was banned from Safeway.

- Police were able to identify a man who took liquor from Safeway without paying for it. He was chased from an area near Trail West Motel, then behind Safeway and then up by the hospital. One of the officers recognized the man and a request was made to the prosecuting attorney for a citation.

3/20 - Police are recommending charges of third-degree theft on a woman after seeing her take two bottles of liquor, putting them in her purse and leaving a store without paying for them.

- A woman went into Safeway, placed liquor in her purse, then went to the checkout counter, saying she left her checkbook in the car and would be right back. She left and didn’t return. The theft was shown on the security camera. Police are trying to identify the woman.

- A Mount Vernon man was told to stay away from the electric towers on the hillside above the dam. He said he was interested in the debris deposit. He apologized and left the site.

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