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2/21 - Police tasered a 55-year-old Bremerton man who allegedly had taken items from Safeway. He had allegedly tried to conceal his real identity because, he said, the Department of Corrections had a warrant out for him. Charges include assaulting a police officer in the third degree, resisting arrest, obstructing a law enforcement officer, third-degree theft and making false statements to an officer. He was booked into Grant County Jail.

2/22 - A woman on Sunny Drive in Electric City reported three dogs running loose. Police could not find the dogs.

2/23 - A man told police that a truck came up behind him on SR- 174, stayed right on his bumper, then passed and turned into the veterinary clinic. He said he confronted the driver of the truck to ask what he was doing wrong and the man wanted to fight him. Police were looking for the owner of the truck.

- A 24-year-old Gold Lake Road man was finally stopped after being reported as involved in a fight on Martin Road. Police said the man had fled his car and escaped down an embankment. He was later stopped while walking along the road. Police noted several lacerations from the fight, which he described as a “family” matter. He was taken to Coulee Medical Center by ambulance, whose personnel called police because he was acting up while being treated. He refused to tell the officer what the fight was about or who was involved.

2/24 - A woman told police that while she was walking to Coulee Medical Center a dog came out and got her arm in its mouth, but she pulled her arm free before the dog could bite her. She told the owner of the dog about the incident and the owner said the dog was just being protective.

2/25 - A woman went into Coulee Gas and reported that there wasn’t a clerk there. The clerk, police found, had been in the cooler.

- A man known to be wanted on a warrant was finally handcuffed after escaping from police by running through Four Corners. He was taken to Grant County Jail on the warrant and faces additional charges of third-degree escape.

- Police confronted the owner of a dog that was left unattended in a vehicle. The man rolled the window down so the dog could get some air.

- Police separated two men who were arguing about one of them sweeping outside his apartment on Coulee Boulevard East in Electric City.

- A driver was stopped at Pole Park after Plant Protection told police that they heard screaming from the car, which had stopped near the top of Grand Coulee Dam. The woman told police that she had stopped there because a person in the back seat was sick.

2/26 - The Spokane Bomb Squad secured blasting caps at a garage on Roosevelt Drive.

- Police went to the Spring Canyon Apartments after receiving a call about a fight. The officer learned that a man dropping off someone at the apartments had been head butted by a man, which resulted in a fight. The man who was hit in the head ended up at Coulee Medical Center for treatment of a broken thumb and other injuries. It wasn’t determined for sure who did the head butting.

2/27 - A Grand Coulee man was arrested for being in possession of a vehicle that had been stolen in Moses Lake. He was taken to Grant County Jail.

- An Electric City woman told police that her son had pushed her and thrown objects around after being told he couldn’t leave the house. She said the youth left through a window upstairs and had posted on Facebook that he was going to harm himself. She said she just wanted him to return home.

- Safeway personnel reported that a man in a red sweater had placed some alcohol under his sweater and then fled the store without paying for it. Police were unable to find the suspect.

- A woman on Burdin Boulevard was mailed a citation for her dog running loose and for not having a license.

- Police are looking for an Electric City man who had been banned from Coulee Hardware but reportedly entered and went straight to a tool area, took a tool and walkied out without paying for it.

2/29 - An employee at Coulee Gas told police that a man came in and used a Morgan silver dollar to purchase something and said he would be in later to exchange money for it. He asked police if there had been reports of silver dollars being stolen. Police checked with a person who had reported the loss of silver dollars and are keeping it and another silver dollar coin as evidence while it is being checked out.

- Police checked on a report of a woman banging on the door of the veterinary clinic after hours and acting strangely. Later the police got a call that there was a woman in the parking area of the professional building on Burdin Boulevard acting strangely. Police contacted a woman who said she was afraid of the dark and was having an anxiety attack. She was talked into going to the hospital nearby.

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