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The path route pictured in The Star newspaper, Jan. 13, behind Electric City homes and through natural wildlife habitat is NOT set in stone. In an era where preserving our natural wildlife habitats and delicate environments has gained importance, there is also an eye for improving small towns, making certain changes inevitable. However, let’s make changes that protect our natural wildlife habitats, connect people to our businesses, improve our storefront streets for both residents and visitors, and in so doing entice the new businesses that are desired in Electric City.

Let us have a long term vision that:

• protects the natural wildlife habitat along Banks Lake, i.e. bald eagles, cranes, hawks, Canada geese, various small birds, deer, raccoons, etc. As stated in our Local Book directory (c16), “Banks Lake is one of the most important waterfowl breeding grounds in Washington;”

• keeps our children safe in their own neighborhoods and backyards;

• keeps the land, lake and neighborhoods safeguarded from fire, pollution and increased break-ins/vandalism;

• reduces risk of injuries and drownings due to Banks Lake’s uneven, rugged terrain and irregular water levels;

• eliminates the danger of tick Lyme disease and rattlesnake bites of children, pets and adults;

• makes it easier and safer for our seniors, residents and visitors to utilize Electric City businesses;

• keeps our visitors safe and gives them a direct route from Sunbanks Lake Resort past storefronts in Electric City to Coulee Playland, extending to the North Dam Park.

There are grants for implementing sidewalks in small towns. Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) for Small City Customers has a sidewalk grant program designed specifically for small town connectivity. This plan would take longer term vision, creativity and insight, but this community is filled with intelligent and capable people who have an eye for improving Electric City business, as well as preserving its natural wildlife habitat, delicate environments and protecting family neighborhoods.

Since the goal of this project is to connect people, improve health and encourage businesses, then let’s start with the town itself — what people see and do first. We need to build city sidewalks that pass in front of businesses and connect Electric City to North Dam Park. As a bonus, this would give our residents and visitors plenty of safe walking opportunity, as well as highlight our current businesses and attract new ones.

Robin Battermann

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