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1/11 - A man who has property on Midway Avenue complained to police that he caught a man urinating on his building again. He said that this has happened numerous times. Police confronted the accused, who said he had to go and couldn’t hold it. Police told the man if he did this again he would be arrested.

- A Continental Heights resident stated that she was afraid of a man who lives on C Street. She said during Christmastime she had found a bag of doggie treats and had gone door to door to find the owner. When she knocked on his C Street door, there were words exchanged. Later, the man came up to her and she told him not to touch her dog, but he did anyway. She asked that the man not contact her again; police advised him of her request.

- A report of gunshots brought police to the former middle school area, and when the officer arrived he heard a shot near Center Lodge. He responded to that area and found a black Hyundai parked between two buildings. When the officer looked through the window of the car he saw an ammo can and rifle case inside. The vehicle was known to police. Police asked the owner’s father where his daughter was and was told he didn’t know. Later the woman, from Electric City, came to the police department and was upset that the officer had contacted her father. There was no disposition of the incident.

1/12 - An man was caught on the Coulee Hardware security camera taking six drill bits. An officer went to the suspect’s home, retrieved the bits and wrote the man a ticket for third-degree theft.

- A man on School Avenue in Electric City said two people were at his door wanting to clean his carpets. He told them he had hardwood floors, but it seemed that they were suspicious so he called police. Police could not locate the pair.

1/13 - A woman on Burdin Boulevard told police that someone had tossed a metal pipe through her window. She said that after it happened she saw three suspects get into a white van. Police took the pipe, dusted it for prints and looked for the van but couldn’t find it.

- A woman on Hill Avenue told police that she had a verbal argument with her sister who was drunk and ordered from the premises. It was stated that the woman left and was walking on Martin Road. Police looked for the woman but she was gone.

- A man on East Cardinal Road told police that he just got a new phone and had dialed 911 to test it and then hung up. Police had been asked by county officials to check out that 911 hangup call.

- Police were told of a stolen gold Buick Century that might be in the Delano area. Police checked the area but couldn’t locate the car.

- A man on East Grand Coulee Avenue told police that two people who lived on the same street had been harassing him and that he was afraid for the safety of his family. He said the pair would drive by his house and make obscene gestures and that on one occasion they drove their vehicle in a way that made him swerve to avoid a collision. Police advised the man to get a protection order through the courts.

- A caller complained that a dog kept barking on East Grand Avenue in Electric City.

1/15 - Police received a 911 call from a person who reported that there was a subject lying on the ground with a head injury. The caller didn’t say exactly where the person was. Police checked but couldn’t find anyone.

- A Coulee City man was arrested after he was seen driving on Main Street. It was his fourth offense of driving with a suspended license. He was also wanted by the Department of Corrections. He was taken to Grant County Jail, and the car was turned over to a passenger who had a valid license.

- A woman being treated at Coulee Medical Center refused treatment without a police officer present. She told the officer that she wanted to get a restraining order against two people, and she wanted the officer to find her boyfriend and tell him that she was getting treatment. She was advised that she would need to get a restraining order through the courts.

- An Electric City woman reported an injured deer on Midway Avenue. The officer found that the deer had two broken legs. The officer had to put the animal down.

- Plant Protection advised police that they were watching some fishermen on camera near the tanner gates at the canal at North Dam Park and it was after hours. An officer went to the scene but was advised by Plant Protection that the fishermen left in a pickup and were headed toward Electric City.

- Plant Protection watched three men trespassing at North Dam Park near the tanner gates. Police confronted the fishermen, who said they didn’t realize the area was closed and left.

1/16 - A Nespelem man was pulled over at Riley Point for going 50 mph in a 40-mph zone. He was cited for speeding and for not having insurance.

- A Keller man was cited for failing to stop at Spokane Way and SR-155 and for not having insurance.

1/17 - A man was stopped at Spokane Boulevard NE and Alcan Road after police noticed the odd way he was driving his vehicle. The Inchelium man had to be pulled out of the vehicle, and because he was intoxicated and refused police requests, an ambulance was called. He was taken to Coulee Medical Center, and after police got a court order to take blood samples, he was arrested for driving while under the influence and obstruction. He was taken to Grant County Jail. The man had multiple DUI incidents on his record.

- A Coulee Dam driver was stopped near the top of the dam because of an expired plate tab and faulty brake lights. She was cited for those offenses and for not having insurance.

1/18 - Police were called to investigate a burglary on Miller Avenue in Electric City. It was the second report of a burglary at this house. Entry was made through a glass sliding door, which had been noticed by a neighbor. Police lifted fingerprints as part of the investigation.

- A man living on East Grand Avenue told police that a neighbor is driving in a reckless manner and he is afraid that harm might come to his grandchildren who play in the area.

- Police cleared a number of basketball-size rocks off the roadway near the Lincoln County line.

Coulee Dam


1/10 - A woman on Birch Street told police that someone had taken gas from her vehicle within the past few days. Earlier, another person on the same street had reported a similar incident. The officer said they would make more patrols on the street.

1/11 - Police were called to a residence on Pine Street, where a man was unconscious. An ambulance was called and, after preliminary assistance, he was taken by ambulance to Coulee Medical Center.

1/14 - Police advised a homeowner on Central Drive that someone had complained about his dog barking. He explained to the officer that he thought the dog was barking because someone was walking past his house.

1/18 - A police officer answered a dog complaint on Tulip Street and when he arrived he could see the dog outside the fence. He made an attempt to go to the door, and the dog responded by making aggressive moves. The officer’s report stated that he sprayed a liquid toward the animal to discourage it. He said the animal then jumped over the fence into the backyard. The officer tried to contact the owners of the property, but they were not home at the time.

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