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12/2 - Police are still sorting out problems with a Cadillac that was pulled over because of a license tab problem. The driver also didn’t have insurance on the vehicle. The license tabs on the vehicle, which were expired anyway, didn’t belong to the vehicle.

12/18 - USBR Plant Protection advised police that there was a stalled vehicle at milepost 28 on SR-155. The driver said she had run out of gas and there was someone getting it for her. The officer found she didn’t have proof of vehicle insurance and she was cited for that. After her gas was delivered, she drove away.

- Police were called when a Bureau of Reclamation employee drove his vehicle off the road near the 230kV switchyard. Jack’s Towing was called to get the vehicle out.

- An Electric City man is being considered for a harassment charge by the Grant County Prosecutor’s Office after allegedly threatening another person.

- Dispatch advised police that two females had taken two bottles of Captain Morgan Rum from Safeway without paying for them. A customer had advised the store of the theft. Security cameras showed the incident and police were told the identification of the two. One was later banned from the store after she returned.

- A woman in the Grand Coulee Manor apartments told police that a caregiver keeps complaining about her dog and that she has said she was going to break into her apartment and take the dog. The woman with the dog was asked to fill out a report and told that she could get a protection order.

- Police were called by an ambulance crew because of a “combative” patient. Police stood by while the patient received treatment.

12/19 - A man at Jackson Avenue in Electric City reported that his two children were missing. The children, ages 5 and 4, had apparently dressed themselves and left the house. Later, police learned that two children had been found and turned in at Safeway. The parents retrieved them there.

12/20 - Police were advised that a suspect wanted on a warrant was seen on Federal Avenue. When police arrived, the suspect ran off and hid behind bushes behind the PUD office. The man was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail.

- Police and Jack’s Towing helped clear the Almira hill of four vehicles stuck on the road or in the ditch. Police contacted the county crew and were told that “unless there was three inches of new snow” they would not come out, and that they “never closed a road because it was slick.”

- Police closed Martin Road at both the top and bottom with safety cones because vehicles were having trouble because of the snow.

12/21 - A man with a golf cart was told by police to get it licensed so he could drive it on Electric City streets.

- Police responded to a false alarm at the Variety Store in Grand Coulee.

- Police were advised by dispatch of a traffic accident on the Almira hill. Police said that their vehicles couldn’t get up the hill.

12/22 - USBR Plant Protection advised police that a person walking on the roadway below the dam was impeding traffic. A patrolman checked and the person was walking along the fog line to avoid walking in the snow.

- Police checked on a report of an unconscious man on the floor at a Hill Avenue apartment. Police found that the subject was in the wrong apartment and that he was wanted on two warrants for his arrest. He was taken to Grant County Jail on the warrants.

- A person who had been banned from Safeway after allegedly stealing a bottle of Captain Morgan’s Rum was in the store and checked out her purchases. Police are trying to find her to remind her that she is banned from the store.

- Police were called to a Stevens Avenue residence in Electric City where there had been a recent death, and a neighbor indicated that someone had entered the house and taken some items.

- When Loepp Furniture workers gassed up, they found a gas card in the pump and turned it over to police.

- An Elmer City man was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail after being apprehended during a burglary at a Roosevelt Avenue residence. Three others had been at the scene and a report of their activities went to the prosecutor’s office for possible charges.

12/23 - A Safeway employee reported seeing a woman pick up some liquor off the shelf and leave the store without paying for it. She was followed out of the store and police were given a description of the vehicle she left in.

12/24 - Safeway reported that a man had taken a bottle of liquor and left without paying for it. He was identified by the store clerk and police were trying to find him.

- A woman on Hill Avenue told police that someone had taken a large bow from her door and that her neighbor had a car that was tampered with.

- A driver whose license was suspended was stopped on Midway Avenue and issued a ticket. His wife, who was riding with him, took charge of the vehicle.

12/26 - A man living on Diamond Street in Electric City was warned about his dog being loose.

- A Grand Coulee man was arrested on an earlier warrant and is being charged with residential burglary and theft after police saw him at the front steps of a Butler Square residence.

- A Coulee Dam woman was stopped because of a license problem and was cited. A passenger in her vehicle was arrested on a warrant and taken to Grant County Jail.

- A Grand Coulee man was cited for driving with an expired license, without required interlock, and with a defective tail light. The car was impounded.

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