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12/7 - A man who got angry after stumbling over a suitcase had reportedly stated he was going to drive his truck into the lake. Police checked the boat launches and Crown Point but couldn’t find him. Later it was learned that had returned home and had no intention of harming himself.

- A Ritzville driver who works locally had been stopped for a headlamp infraction when the officer found that his license was suspended and that he didn’t have proof of insurance. He was cited, his car was parked, and he was given a ride to his place of work.

- Police had to forcibly enter a residence on Weil Place to help a man who was having a health problem. The ambulance took him to the hospital, and police secured the area that they’d had to force open.

- Police used baling wire to secure the gate to a storage area at Bird’s Auto in Electric City after finding that people could enter the yard. It wasn’t known if the wind or a person had caused the area to be opened up.

12/8 - Police are looking for a 17-year-old who allegedly had struck her mother at a place on Roosevelt Drive. A request for a fourth-degree assault charge was made to the prosecutor’s office.

- A man was permanently banned from the Four Corners gas station after arguing with a clerk over spilled gas.

- Police received a call of a barking dog on Mead Avenue. The officer went to the site and saw a dog, but it wasn’t causing a disturbance.

- An Electric City worker called police about a dog running loose on Sunny Drive. The officer took the brown short-haired dog to the veterinary clinic.

- An Electric City woman told police that there were some charges on her credit card account that she didn’t make. She canceled the card and received a refund on the unwanted charges.

- A Hill Avenue woman told police that there was a man at her house who wouldn’t leave. Police arrived and the woman said that he had just left but had a key and that she wanted the key back. The officer found the man, who gave him the key, which was returned to the woman.

12/9 - A man wanted on an arrest warrant was seen on Electric Boulevard. He was taken to Grant County Jail.

- A Nespelem man was arrested for hit and run, driving under the influence and trying to evade police. He allegedly had hit another vehicle on Spokane Boulevard and then fled from the scene. Officers said, when they tried to stop him, he tried to get away. He was taken to Grant County Jail.

- Plant Protection advised police that there were two men walking in the highway above the dam and that one of them had urinated. Police found the pair, who stated they’d had a few drinks and were trying to walk it off. One admitted to urinating and said he didn’t know it was against the law.

12/10 - Police advised a man that he was not allowed to enter an apartment on Hill Avenue. His former girlfriend had asked police to tell him to stay away.

12/11 - An Electric City woman told police that her ex-boyfriend was “obsessed” with her. She wanted an officer to know this in case something should happen to her.

- A woman who uses a house she owns on Wenatchee Avenue as a summer place told police that someone had been inside, sleeping there and going through drawers. She said a few items had been taken.

- Police learned that a man had damaged his ex-girlfriend’s car. They took pictures of the damage. The woman was advised to let the man know that he was not to contact her again.

- Police went to an F Street house because of a reported family fight. They found people hiding inside in the bathroom and bedroom. When they were finally all seated in the living room, the officer found that one woman was wanted on a felony warrant. She was taken to Grant County Jail. A second woman was wanted on a misdemeanor warrant, but the jail wasn’t taking people with misdemeanor warrants at the time.

12/12 - Police were called to a Hill Avenue apartment to check on a report of a family fight. Officers found clothes strung all over, overflowing garbage and a general mess in the apartment. Officers talked to both the man and woman and during the visit a smoking pipe with residue was found. Police sent the pipe to the Washington State Crime Lab and a report to the prosecutor’s office and Child Protective Services.

12/13 - The owner of the car wash on Spokane Way reported that someone had broken in and taken money from the coin box. He estimated that $650-$750 was taken. Entry to the cash area was gained through a metal door.

- A report of someone being cruel to a dog brought police to the Hill Avenue area. Police were told that someone was slamming a puppy into the ground. One person told police the name of the man he said was mistreating the dog. Officers were unable to find him.

12/15 - Police checked on a barking dog after a caller said it was too cold for the dog to be out. The owner of the dog brought it inside.

Coulee Dam


12/10 - A driver got a break with a verbal warning for going 10 mph over the speed limit on the Elmer City Access Road. The speed limit is 35 mph.

- A car on Central Drive was stopped for a faulty headlamp and for going 30 mph in a 20 mph zone. The officer gave the driver a warning.

- A driver on Central Drive found the officer was giving them a break by only issuing a warning for speed 11 mph over the limit.

12/11 - A rolling stop at Crest Drive and River Drive got a driver a warning from police.

- Police checked on a report that a drunken man was walking in the roadway near the Melody Restaurant. An officer looked for the drunk but found instead only a sober man carrying groceries.

- Two different drivers received warnings for going 10 mph over the speed limit on Central Drive.

- A man from Electric City called police to say that her daughter had ended a relationship with a man and was afraid he would go to her place of work in Coulee Dam and possibly harm her.

- A suspicious person was reportedly walking past the school. An officer stopped the man who had a non-extraditable warrant out of Spokane. The man was told about the warrant. He explained that he was going to a friend’s house.

12/12 - The city crew removed branches that were blocking one lane of traffic on the Elmer City Access Road. Police directed traffic until the branches were removed.

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