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By Jesse Utz 

Thanksgiving of thanks

Jess Shut Up


This year, at this time, it is important that we think about the last 365 days and think of the things that we are most thankful for. (I know, that is a lot of words beginning with “th.”) We have watched on the news recently or read online the terror that is striking numerous other countries around the world. It reminds us of the day the towers fell in New York, and we know what those citizens are going through right now. It also reminds us to keep watch out our own backdoor for the same type of thing. Panic is not an option, but preparedness and due diligence to watch who is moving into our country is.

So I am thankful for America. I am thankful for the men and women who defend it, at home and across the seas. Military, police officers, firefighters, emergency responders and numerous others who, when duty calls, do not turn and run for cover. They run to it and take care of business. I know, I used to run with them. I thank every one of them, from the ones who know my name to the ones I have never met. Thank you.

I am thankful for my wife. She has endured so much over the last 20 years and we still love each other today as the first time we moved cardboard boxes together. The secret, as Jamie Archer said in church last Sunday: “The Gospel.”

So that moves me to be thankful for the gospel. Not just for giving me a foundation to build a marriage on, but for giving me the truth to build a life on.

I am thankful for the children who are not mine. A daughter and a son who put up with me in good times and bad, and over the years have become very good friends. I think back to the “step-fathers” in my life and wonder if they had the same feelings toward me as I have toward those two. Thank you, Princess and GOAT, for just being you.

I am thankful for a roof over my head. Good friends. Reasonably good health (although my back thinks otherwise). I am thankful for my Nova, Camaro and Chevelle. (Those are our cats, but I would be really thankful if they were cars too.)

I am thankful that I used to be able to dine in a little building called the Fusion Café. It is sad that it is gone, but I admire the reasoning behind it. Jay, Wiyaka, Kirk and Charity were the heartbeat behind a restaurant that was a covering for a great mission field. You felt safe and at home in their little café, and I, for one, will miss it; but I know that all of them are doing exactly what they are supposed to do. I am craving a Jay dessert as I write this (stomach growl), despite all the good eating establishments we have in such a small town.

I am thankful for friends. I went a long time not coveting friendships, but now I know the importance of them. I wish I could name them all here, but that would lead to some big fights. Like, why was Jeremiah listed above Jeff, and why someone named K-Bar was listed after Super Mario? See what kind of mess that would cause? Seriously. But this I can say, it is an awesome feeling when a friend can step up and be like family. We are blessed to have many friends we call family.

Realistically, we should be thankful year-round, but I understand when turkey day starts getting nearer we first think of food and then remember why we even have this day: football. Just kidding. I mean to be thankful for what we have, and sometimes for what we have lost. So remember those who helped you out this past year. Remember family, those sitting around the table or at a table somewhere else. Those who are no longer with us, with whom you got to spend those precious moments. Also, remember those out on the front lines, fighting for our freedom and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for it. I must also thank you, the reader. Without you pouring over this paper every week I would have no place to print my voice.

Enjoy your family and friends and be thankful for everything. I’m jess saying.

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