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Re: "Dog declared dangerous" (11/18)

Letter to the Editor


Seriously?! So this dog had ONE incident involving a FERAL CAT and it is possibly going to be labeled “dangerous?” SERIOUSLY?!

When did dogs EVER start liking cats they didn’t already live with? I have two cats and two dogs. They get along fine, but if another cat came into my house or yard, I know for a fact that my dogs would probably try to catch it and do harm to it.

I don’t understand this situation! I can understand if this was an incident involving a person being attacked or the dog getting loose and acting aggressively with people and other pets, but a feral cat?

Now, I am sure that some people reading this are saying, “What if it was your cat?” My answer is that, of course, I would be upset, and it would definitely depend on the circumstances of the incident on how, and if, I would take any action. I have read many other times that people have made complaint after complaint of dogs acting aggressively toward them, reported to police and everything, and rarely see anything in the news about those dogs being labeled “dangerous.”

Don’t be so quick to put labels on things that aren’t justly founded! I don’t mean to sound unsympathetic for the cat, but so what! The dog attacked a feral cat that was on HIS front porch. Poor kitty, and I am sorry it suffered and was in pain, but isn’t this the nature of dogs?

Good luck, Jared; I hope for the best outcome for your furbaby!

April Smith

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