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11/14 - An Omak driver was stopped when an officer noticed his tail lights were faulty. The man had a suspended license, and the officer found several syringes in the vehicle, which were sent to the Washington State Crime Lab for testing. The vehicle was towed. He was cited on both counts.

11/15 - An officer was dispatched to Coulee Medical Center because of an unruly man who had been in a car wreck past Coulee City on Highway 2. The Washington State Patrol was called to take charge of the man after his injuries were treated. The driver’s blood alcohol measured at .29, more than three and a half times the legal limit of .08.

- A Nespelem man was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail after he acted out when told that Banks Lake Pub was closing for the night. He allegedly wrestled with a bartender and was yelling. He was cited for criminal trespass and fourth-degree assault.

- A Grand Coulee woman was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail for allegedly violating a no-contact court order at a Banks Avenue location.

- Police checked on a report of a suspicious person standing near a residence on Burdin Boulevard. The officer found a juvenile who stated he didn’t want to go home.

- Someone reported a suspicious person and vehicle on Miller Avenue in Electric City. The officer found a man with a stranded vehicle who was in the process of fixing the problem. The officer stood by until the man completed the task.

11/16 - A man on Roosevelt Drive complained about a barking dog. Police attempted to contact the owners of the dog, but they were not home.

- A man on Burdin Boulevard told police that he had installed a new battery in his vehicle, and the battery was now missing.

- A report of animal cruelty was checked on A Street. The officer found four dogs. The owner said they were only outside while having dinner. She brought the dogs inside.

- An officer checked on a report that a man was taking a bottle of liquor at Safeway. Police found that the man had placed the bottle in his cart and paid for it at the pay station.

11/18 - A Moses Lake woman who works in the area told police that someone had entered her vehicle and taken $800 from an envelope inside her purse.

- While dealing with an assault at Banks Lake Pub, an officer found a partial case of beer and other items unattended in the parking lot. They are in the police station’s property room.

11/19 - While assisting Coulee Dam police with a walk-through of the Coulee Dam Casino, an officer noticed a man known to have warrants out for his arrest. He was taken to Grant County Jail.

- A man leaving Body by Dam noticed garden hoses still attached and took them loose because of the cold weather. In doing so, he found a metal cash box in the weeds. The box was empty and police collected the box for safekeeping.

- An Electric City man was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail on a fourth-degree assault charge. The man’s wife stated that he had punched her in the face.

- Police helped to recover two vehicles and other items over which a woman and her nephew had a dispute. The woman and her nephew had agreed to rent a place and split the rent, so she asked him to take some of her things, including two vehicles and store them in anticipation of the move. Then the two decided not to rent a place together and the woman heard that he was driving one of the vehicles. He had the vehicles, and the two arranged for her retrieval of all the items.

11/20 - A woman from Jackson Avenue in Electric City called police to say she found drugs that her son had. Police collected the items for testing.

- Electric City’s mayor told police that a citizen advised him that a “dangerous dog” was seen outside without a muzzle on it. The owner of the dog is appealing the decision of the council to name his dog as “dangerous.”

- A Grand Coulee woman was cited for improper lane usage after nearly forcing a police car off the road near the rodeo grounds.

- A Safeway official asked police to ban a Coulee Dam man from the store after he allegedly took a bottle of Captain Morgan’s Spice Rum and immediately left the store without paying for it. The incident was captured on the security video and a copy was given to the police. The rum was priced a $22.99, but with taxes it came to nearly $40.

- A Sunbanks Lake Resort employee told police that a man there was making suicidal comments. Police went to the resort, but the man had left. Later, the man returned and police went out to the resort again. Police learned that he had a warrant out for his arrest. He was taken to Grant County Jail. He said he’d had no intention of harming himself.

- Police found a license plate on the road on Division Street and placed it on the porch of its owner.

11/21 - Police stopped a Cadillac when the officer noticed that it had an outdated tab on the license. The driver received a ticket for not renewing her license from a year ago.

- A man who owns a house on Butler Square told police that someone had entered his house through a window and taken a number of items. He explained that he actually lives elsewhere, but has a home here too. He was asked to make a list of the missing things and their value. He said that someone had also stayed in the house during his absence.

- A man on Gold Avenue told police that his neighbor moved his trailer but left the wheel blocks on his property. It is the scene of an ongoing dispute; police told the man with the trailer to pay attention to his property line.

- After a girl reported to her mother both of a suspicious person at her bus stop and that people speed near the intersection of Park and Electric Boulevard in Electric City, her mother told police.

11/22 - A Nespelem man was arrested and taken to jail after an incident at Coulee Medical Center. The officer was responding to a call of an unruly patient who was in the emergency room for treatment. The man had allegedly assaulted two different nurses. The officer threatened to taser the man during a scuffle in which he squeezed the officer’s crotch. A second police officer arrived and helped restrain the man. He is being cited for two counts of third-degree assault, attempted assault, resisting arrest and interfering with a healthcare facility.

Coulee Dam


11/15 - Police responded to a complaint from a homeowner on Birch Street. The man stated that there were two people living in a camp trailer at the very edge of his property, and that when the couple entered the trailer they had to come onto his property. The homeowner stated that recently someone had thrown what he believed to be urine all over his car. Police advised the couple in the trailer that they were in violation of the town ordinance and that the officer was going to tell the town’s code officer of the incident and that they would likely have to move.

11/16 - A town officer went to Coulee Medical Center to assist a Grand Coulee officer dealing with an unruly patient who was being treated for a head injury suffered from an auto accident on Highway 2. The officers stayed with patient until everything was settled.

11/17 - An officer responded to an alarm at town hall, only to find that a person was cleaning the business office and forgot to punch in his code. The officer advised Okanogan dispatch that the alarm incident had been resolved.

11/18 - An officer responded to an alarm at a house on Cedar Street. The officer walked around the residence to see if he could detect any forced entry. Everything appeared to be OK, so he tried to contact the owners to tell them their alarm had gone off. Later, the owners contacted the officer and he went again to the residence. It was determined that the alarm had accidentally activated.

11/19 - A Coulee Dam Casino security guard told police that there was a suspicious van with two people in it in the parking lot. Police talked with both a man and a woman who said they were just talking and not doing anything wrong. The officer checked to see if the two had any warrants out for them and both reports came back clear.

11/20 - An officer checked on a report of domestic problems at a location on Camas Street. When the officer arrived, he found a woman trying to stuff her belongings into bags. She told the officer that she and her boyfriend had broken up and he had locked her out of the house. When the officer could determine that the woman hadn’t been injured, he cleared the call.

- A woman was cited for failing to yield after she ran into a Tribal Police cruiser at Roosevelt Way and River Drive. There was only minor damage to both vehicles.

11/22 - An officer checked on a woman who was parked near River Drive and the Elmer City Access Road. Two children were with the woman. She said she was homeless and had no place to stay. The officer checked with a shelter in Okanogan but it was full, so he checked with Grand Coulee Mote

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