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11/6 - Police were advised that someone had entered a storage unit on A Street. The party had been in the storage unit the day before but had locked it on leaving. The next day, the lock was gone and the door ajar. Police asked the party to report anything they noticed was missing.

- A woman on Silver Drive reported that her garage alarm activated. Police responded but couldn’t find anything wrong.

- Police responded to a reportedly suicidal person who had taken some pills and needed someone to talk to. He was taken to Coulee Medical Center for treatment.

- USBR Plant Protection advised police that two dogs were running loose in North Dam Park. An officer found the animals and one growled at him. About that time, the owner of the dogs arrived. The owner was advised to get the dogs licensed within 15 days or she would be cited.

11/7 - A Keller woman, stopped for a headlamp out on her vehicle, was cited because she didn’t have insurance. She explained that she had hit a deer the night before and hadn’t had time to get the headlamp fixed.

11/8 - A woman reported that a person living in a basement apartment next to her was putting garbage in her dumpster. Police went to the apartment, where a man retrieved the garbage bags. He was told that if it happened again he could be arrested or cited.

- An Electric City man was cited and then driven home after officials at Electric City Bar and Grill complained he was outside yelling and scaring customers.

11/9 - An Electric City woman was cited for not having insurance after she was stopped for speeding on Martin Road. She got a warning for driving 36 mph in a 20-mph zone.

- Police were asked to intervene in the process of a man being evicted from his apartment. Police explained that it was a civil matter and he needed to call the Grant County Housing Authority.

- A man living at Continental Heights advised police that he was missing a .38 caliber pistol and that he didn’t think anyone had broken into his place. The dispatch center was advised that the gun had been stolen.

11/10 - A man on West Grand Avenue in Electric City was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail on a domestic violence charge. Police found the man’s wife with a cut on her head, and he had a cut on his hand. The woman was taken to Coulee Medical Center, where she could talk with a mental health worker.

11/11 - Police followed a cardiac arrest call and assisted in CPR, unsuccessfully. The victim’s next of kin was notified after the coroner arrived.

- Police checked on a vehicle parked near the Coulee Playland office, when the officer observed that some doors were open in the vehicle and no one around. It couldn’t be determined if anything was missing.

11/12 - An officer went to a location where there was supposed to be an injured deer, but he couldn’t find it. Oh dear.

- Police advised the owner of two dogs on Sunset Drive about a complaint that they were running loose. The woman said she was looking into an underground shock perimeter fence to contain her dogs.”

11/13 - Police arrested a man at Coulee Gas who was wanted on a warrant. He was taken to Grant County Jail.

Coulee Dam


11/8 - A 67-year-old man was arrested and taken to Okanogan County Jail after being stopped for a faulty headlamp. The officer saw an opened container of alcohol in the vehicle and found he was wanted on a misdemeanor warrant. His vehicle was towed.

11/9 - Dispatch advised police that a woman on Birch Street was breaking up with her boyfriend but was not being allowed to leave. Police found the woman by her vehicle crying and she said her boyfriend’s father had parked in front of her, not allowing her to leave. She was accused of taking some things that were not hers. The officer looked through her suitcases and boxes and the missing items were not there. The officer told the boyfriend and his father to go inside and allow the woman to load her belongings.

- A woman on Cedar Street told police that her vehicle had been parked on the street. As she looked inside for the title, she found a black purse which had some things of hers inside. She said the items had been in another purse inside her residence. Police retained the items for investigation.

- Police were advised that a dog on Pine Street might hurt someone. Police found the dog at a nearby house and talked to a man who said the dog wasn’t his but he was allowing it to stay on his porch. He said he would control the dog.

- Checking on a potential domestic violence issue, police were prevented from talking to the woman involved, who had told the reporting party of a misdemeanor arrest warrant on her and said she didn’t want to be arrested. Police are still looking for the woman.

11/10 - A man on Yucca Street was advised to keep his dog locked up. He said the gate to his fenced backyard had been left open.

- A woman lucked out with warnings when she was stopped and found that she didn’t have her driver’s license with her, had no proof of insurance, had an expired vehicle license, had failed to register the vehicle in her name ,and had a faulty headlamp.

11/12 - Police responded to a potential domestic violence call on River Drive. The man there said a woman in his house had gone “ballistic” and he had asked her to leave. Police were looking for the woman for her side of the story.

11/13 - A driver was stopped and given a warning for following another vehicle too closely.

- A woman wanted on a warrant was recognized and reported to police by security at the Coulee Dam Casino. She was asked to cash out and was arrested and taken to Okanogan County Jail on the warrant.

11/16 - An officer was asked to help a Grand Coulee officer with a disorderly man at Coulee Medical Center. He found that the man being treated for a head wound was the driver of a car that had rolled over on Highway 2. The officer stayed until a Washington State Patrol trooper arrived to arrest him for driving while under the influence.

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