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10/2 - Police got a vehicle blocking O’Sullivan Street on its way. The driver explained that he’d gotten in late and didn’t want to disturb anyone and fell asleep.

- An employee of Coulee Medical Center who had a no-contact court order with a patient asked police to stand by so a confrontation could be avoided.

- Police advised a man to stay off the roadway. He had been reported in the road near North Dam Park.

10/4 - A juvenile girl was dropped off at Coulee Medical Center by two boys. The highly intoxicated girl was admitted to the hospital. The matter was referred to the Grant County Juvenile Center for a minor in possession.

- Tribal police advised local officers of an assault that had taken place on Bowen Street. The report stated that a mother had assaulted her daughter and that the mother was prohibited by the court from leaving Okanogan County. Police were looking for the woman.

10/4 - Police confronted two men who reportedly had taken food items from Safeway. One of the men admitted taking chicken, cheese and drinks. He was cited for theft and the two were banned from Safeway for a year.

10/5 - A woman on Lakeview Avenue in Electric City asked police to get a man who was sleeping in her basement to leave. Police talked to the man, who put on his shoes and left. He was told by police that he was banned from the property and if he returned he would be arrested.

- A woman reported to police that there were boys throwing rocks at cars on Western Avenue and Sunny Drive in Electric City. Police found three boys who were throwing debris on the roadway, but not at cars. They were told not to and the boys’ grandfather took charge of the three.

10/6 - An Electric City woman hit a parked vehicle behind the post office with her scooter. She told police that she had accidentally accelerated the scooter, striking the parked vehicle. She said she would pay for the damages.

- A resident of Silver Drive in Electric City reported that, while walking near Electric Drive and Sunset with members of his family and his dog, he had been faced with an aggressive dog. His dog was on a leash. Police tried to find the aggressive dog but couldn’t.

- A resident of Lakeview Avenue NE in Electric City reported that someone had taken a flat- screen TV from the basement. The TV went missing along with other items were being stored in the basement.

- A woman on Young Street told police that she has had three dogs killed by cars recently near Martin Road and Hill Street.

10/7 - A woman on Cardinal Road NE was advised to get a restraining order against a former boyfriend. The woman told police that the former boyfriend had entered the house during the night.

- Grand Coulee and Douglas County officers went to a residence on Smith Lake Road due to a report of a suicidal man. After the situation became stable, the officers left.

- An officer served a Grant County court order on a man residing on Burdin Boulevard.

- A man was arrested on two warrants and for attempted assault in Electric City after he allegedly threw rocks at a person who reported that he had tried to get inside the coin area on a washing machine.

10/8 - Police checked on a report of domestic violence on Bowen Street and found that it was just a verbal argument about the couple’s son bringing friends to the house at all hours of the day and night.

- Police assisted residents on D Street who were arguing with a girl they were in charge of who wanted to stay out after her curfew. Police advised the girl that she had no choice but to comply with the wishes of her guardians. She went back inside and went to bed.

10/9 - Police received a report of a domestic problem at a home on Roosevelt Drive. The officer found a mother and son arguing about the son’s girlfriend and their living arrangements.

- Officers checked on a noise complaint on Burdin Boulevard and found two males working on a car. One of them gave officers a false name, and police found he was wanted on a Department of Corrections warrant. He was arrested on the warrant and taken to Grant County Jail.

- Police checked on a 911 call at Continental Heights, where they had to get the manager to open the apartment. They found an intoxicated man who said it was the anniversary of his brother’s death and of his breakup with a girlfriend. He was advised to call mental health.

10/11 - Police were called to check on a dog fight between a white dog and a golden retriever on Stevens Avenue in Electric City. Due to conflicting stories as to which dog was the aggressor, the officer reminded both dog owners of the city’s ordinance against dogs running loose.

- Officials at Bird’s Auto in Electric City reported a cable on the gate to the company’s storage lot had been cut.

- A woman told police that her friend was missing and she feared he had been abducted. The officer checked where the man worked and was told he was enroute to a new job in another state.

Coulee Dam


10/4 - Dispatch advised police of a vehicle prowl on Camas Street. The owner of the vehicle said that when she went outside she saw a female rummaging in her vehicle. She said the girl was wearing black-and-white-checkered pants and ran down the alley.

10/5 - A man told police that he went in the high school gym and when he came out his car was gone. Police were told that he had left his keys in the ignition and the car unlocked. The vehicle was a 2010 Dodge Charger.

- A female student at Lake Roosevelt High School told officials that she was receiving text messages from a 23-year-old man and wanted them to stop. Police learned the phone number for the individual and left a message for the man to stop texting the girl.

10/6 - A driver on Elmer City Access Road was clocked at 45 mph and told to hold it down to the 35 mph speed limit.

- A Central Drive motorist was stopped for not having a front license plate and given a warning.

- Two drivers, in separate actions, were given speed warnings while driving on Central Drive.

10/7 - A driver was pulled over near the school on Central Drive for exceeding the speed limit. He was warned for driving 34 mph in a 20 mph zone.

- While monitoring traffic on Elmer City Access Road, police stopped and warned a driver for going 52 mph in a 35 mph zone.

10/8 - A Tilmus Street man told police that his pickup, parked in his garage, had been stolen and along with it a TV set from his back deck. The man said his billfold, which was in the truck, held five credit cards but no money. Police learned that one of the cards had been swiped twice at Coulee Gas but it didn’t clear.

- Police checked on two dogs tied up in a back yard on Birch Street. A person had reported to dispatch that there might be a problem with the dogs. The officer stated in his report that everything appeared to be OK.

- A clerk at a store told police that a man she had been in a relationship with had entered the store twice, asking her to take him back, and she wanted the visits to stop. She was advised to get a no-contact order from the courts.

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