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9/28 - A Grand Coulee driver who was going 15 mph over the speed limit near the overlook area just above Grand Coulee Dam was cited by police. He asked the officer if the left lane wasn’t for faster travel, and the officer explained that the speed limit was the same for both lanes.

- A man found lying on the sidewalk near Center Lodge was bleeding from lacerations and taken to Coulee Medical Center by ambulance.

- An officer was called to assist in looking for a suspect whom Okanogan County officials had arrested on a warrant and who ran from the area. They looked for him in the lower fishing area along SR-155.

9/29 - A woman on Hillcrest in Electric City reported the theft of a bike valued at about $100.

- A deer that had been struck by a vehicle near Pole Park had to be killed. The Department of Transportation took the animal away.

- A resident at the Senior Manor was caught on camera taking a table from the common area. Police advised the man that he needed to return the table, and he said he would.

- A clerk at Coulee Gas told police that a couple had come into the store and asked for something that sent the clerk into the back room. While there, he heard the door slam and when he came out he saw the two run with a six-pack of beer. Police looked for the pair but couldn’t find them.

9/30 - Police checked on the welfare of a woman on Washington Place in Electric City. The woman said she was fine and thanked the officer for checking on her.

- Officials at Fusion Café in Electric City told police that sometime during the night someone had entered the business through a window. They stated that there isn’t any money kept at the restaurant and nothing appeared to be missing.

- School officials reported that someone had attempted to burglarize the kitchen at Center School. The official stated that the locks had been altered and school keys no longer worked.

- An Electric City man was told to keep his dog on a leash following a report of it being loose and running around.

- A man known to have a warrant out for him was seen near the library, arrested and taken to Grant County Jail.

- A man in Batchelor Square asked for extra patrols because he feared that someone would damage his property.

- Police are patrolling a place on Lakeview Avenue in Electric City after a report that a man was seen peeking into a window there.

10/1 - An Omak woman was stopped for a faulty tail light, and the officer found that her driver’s license had expired in 2013. She was cited on the license charge, not having insurance, and for faulty equipment.

- USBR Plant Protection requested that an officer stand by during a power outage. When power was restored, he left.

- Plant Protection advised police of rocks on the road at milepost 20 on SR-174. The officer found three large rocks and several small ones blocking the eastbound lane. The rocks were cleared.

Coulee Dam


9/20 - A man on Cedar Street was warming up his vehicle, which accidentally dropped into gear and ran into another vehicle on the same street.

- A man was arrested on Lake-view Drive in Grand Coulee after a domestic violence incident. Grant County law enforcement participated in the arrest.

- Police were advised of a fire in the backyard of a house on Camas Street, and since no one was home, the officer got a hose and put the fire out. The officer advised the resident to get rid of the debris in the backyard and that it was still illegal to burn in the city.

9/21 - A woman advised police that her son, who had a warrant out for his arrest, was in a house on Tulip Street. The man was arrested and taken to Okanogan County Jail.

9/23 - A man on Birch Street told police that he saw a woman let the air out of a man’s tire. She had earlier dated the man, police learned. The owner of the vehicle told police that the $135 tire had been slashed. Police are investigating.

9/25 - A tribal officer found a backpack in the middle of the Columbia River bridge and gave it to local police. The contents have been inventoried and are in the local station.

- A man on Central Drive told police that he would do a better job of taking his dog into the house when he barked. He and a neighbor had been arguing about the dog barking a lot.

9/26 - A man on Crest Drive complained to police of a barking dog on Yucca. The officer went to the house, but no one was home.

- A woman, driving on Roosevelt Way was warned about having an outdated registration and no proof of insurance.

9/27 - The owner of a dog on Central Drive told police that he would put his dog inside sooner when it started barking to avoid complaints.

- While serving a felony warrant on Cedar Street, officers saw a man speed down the street and stopped him. He was cited for driving while under the influence of alcohol, reckless driving and driving while his license was suspended. His vehicle was towed, and he released to a relative. The man on the warrant was taken to Grant County Jail.

- The owner of Coulee House Inn and Suites told police that a person had opened a pop machine and taken the coins and drink. He had the theft on camera. The owner told police who the suspect was and the officer is attempting to find him.

9/28 - Police assisted a woman in getting her children back from a man on Cedar Street. The man complied and returned the children and the officer suggested the two get a parenting plan put together to avoid conflicts.

- Police were called to the elementary school where the officer obtained a video showing one boy putting a choke hold on another and then shoving him to the ground. The boy causing the problem has been released from school and the matter turned over to Child Protective Services.

9/30 - A woman was given a warning when she was stopped for slipping through a stop sign. She was also warned for not letting the Department of Licensing know she had changed her address a year earlier.

- A man who was acting suspiciously on Fir Street said he was just looking for a dog. He was told that if he didn’t have better information on where the dog was to not remain on the street.

10/3 - A woman was cited for failing to report a one-car accident on Pine Street. A couple nearby told police that they had heard a loud bang and looked out to see a vehicle stalled in the middle of the street. The officer’s report stated that the vehicle had struck a tree and had substantial damage. The woman walked away from the vehicle and later returned. She was cited for driving while under the influence and failing to report an accident.

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