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8/24 - A man from Georgia has been in the area claiming to be collecting funds for firefighters. He had been to at least three firms in the area.

8/25 - A woman on Prims Place told police that someone, during the night, had taken a “Children Playing” sign from her yard.

- An intoxicated man was walking in and out of traffic. He told police he was just walking home and didn’t know he was in traffic. Police gave him a ride home.

- Three men in a red truck were stopped on Marina Way and explained that they were looking for a place to have a picnic and were told they could get to the water in that area. The officer advised them that it was OK.

8/26 - A disgruntled employee of a local firm allegedly tried to pass a forged check, which was refused at a bank. The woman is being sought by police.

- Police had a report of custodial interference after a man had taken his child to North Dakota.

- A woman from Roosevelt Drive advised police that her grandchildren were runaways and might be in Omak.

- A man living at Continental Heights, and who was going to move into a group home, sold his furniture so he would have money for pain pills. A person informed police that he thought the man had been taken advantage of and wanted to report it.

- USBR Plant Protection advised police of two men walking down the hill from the 230 kv spreader yards. Police contacted the pair, who turned out to be Bonneville Power Administration employees out for a lunchtime walk.

- A woman who ran out of gas near the top of the dam coasted down the hill to get to a service station. Police followed the vehicle just to be sure it reached the gas station.

8/27 - A man on Continental Heights was served papers from Grant County District Court.

- Dispatch advised police of a robbery going on at Harvest Foods. The report was in error.

- Police checked on a report of graffiti sprayed on the library.

8/28 - A driver was directed out of the lower Visitor Center parking lot due to closed hours. He told police he was just checking out the dam but realized that it wasn’t the best time. It was 3:24 in the morning.

- A woman advised police that a check for $287.46 had been forged from her mother’s account from an outfit in England, plus a $60 fee had been attached to the withdrawal. The woman was asked to fill out a forgery form.

- Police went to a residence on W. Grand Avenue in Electric City to check on a report of a fire in the driveway. The occupant refused to open the door but told police that his son had lit a tiki torch, but that he was supervising him. Police are asking that the man be charged with reckless burning.

- A worker at Electric City told police he found a yellow sleeping bag in a field and it was filled with books. The police report stated that the items were those belonging to a man who was arrested earlier and taken to jail. The items are being held at the police station.

- Police served Grant County District Court papers on a resident at Continental Heights.

8/29 - Police checked on a suspicious vehicle at McGovern and Roosevelt and traced it to a local phone. The person answering the phone wouldn’t tell the officer where the owner of the vehicle was because he “didn’t trust” the police.

8/30 - Coulee Gas reported that, after a man asked for the restroom key, they soon heard yelling and sounds of a door being kicked in. The man, who had arrived in a blue van, said he had hitched a ride and didn’t know the people in the van who had tried to kick the door in.

- A woman in a Hill Avenue apartment told police that there were several people in her apartment and she wanted them out. The subjects left after police arrived.

- Plant Protection advised there was someone inside the buoy line just above Grand Coulee Dam. Police told the man that he was in a closed area. He said he understood and wouldn’t cross the buoy line again.

8/31 - Tribal police asked officers in Grand Coulee to advise the mother of a runaway girl that she had been found in a crisis house in Spokane.

- A woman who owns property on Main Street said she will seek action to evict parties living in the basement.

- A woman on Electric Boulevard in Electric City said her neighbor’s dog was tied by leash to the fence and that the dog’s water and food bowls were turned over. An officer went to the residence and the owner of the dog said that water would be kept in the bowl.

- USBR Plant Protection told police that there was a man, slumped over the wheel of his vehicle near the restrooms, parked in the lower Visitor Center parking lot. The man told police he had been taking both daytime and nighttime pictures of the dam and was just working on his schedule.

9/1 - Police chased a quad (ORV) vehicle on Sunny Drive in Electric City. The driver traveled over a grassy area to avoid arrest. The man was driving at 50 mph without lights. The man is known to police and they are looking for him. A charge of attempting to elude a police officer was suggested to the prosecuting attorney.

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