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8/17 - A person gave police a large plastic bag containing drugs and drug-smoking devices found in the roadway. The materials field-tested as methamphetamines and all materials were sent to the state crime lab for identification and possible fingerprints.

- It was reported that a male who was suspected of a crime was seen. He was gone when police arrived.

- A man reported that there was a vehicle at Crown Point that was flashing its lights on and off. The driver said he was there to see the Laser Light Show.

- Police advised a woman at Continental Heights to keep her dogs on a leash after receiving complaints from other tenants.

8/18 - A woman at a trailer park on Grand Coulee Avenue was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail, charged with disorderly conduct, obstructing justice, and resisting arrest. Officers were called to the park because the woman was yelling at the top of her lungs and banging on a trailer. Officers had been to the park before for similar incidents.

- Police informed a tenant at Grand Coulee Manor that he no longer had his health aid individual because she had stated that he had yelled at her and she was afraid of him. Police were giving information about him to mental health personnel.

8/19 - Officers followed up on a complaint that a man in Continental Heights was playing his music too loudly. A neighbor had a digital recorder and was going to record the loudness of the music if it happened again.

- A North Bend driver followed directions given her by Google Maps into a restricted area near the industrial area at the Bureau of Reclamation. Police checked and, sure enough, she had been guided to the wrong location. She explained that she was trying to get to Crown Point to take a photograph of the sunrise. She was guided out of the restricted area and given new directions.

- A woman returned to her home after being away and found a vehicle parked at her residence. Police checked the residence for her to make sure that there was no one inside. She was advised that she could ask for a tow to remove the vehicle.

- A man residing at Continental Heights told police that a woman was harassing him by yelling at him.

8/20 - Plant Protection told police that there was a vehicle parked outside the locked gate at the 500 KV switchyard. The driver said he had been turned away from the route he was driving due to the wildfires and had parked there to sleep. He was asked to leave and did.

- A resident at Continental Heights told police that a man had walked onto her patio and made threats. He was banned from her apartment unit and police advised the woman to get a restraining order through the courts.

- A man from Auburn was stopped for having a faulty light, then was issued a citation because he didn’t have proof of insurance. He was warned for not having his registration in the car and for the faulty equipment.

- Adult Protective Services reported that a possible assault had occurred at a residence on Hill Avenue. The report stated that a man had slapped his wife on the side of the head. Police checked on the report and the woman stated she didn’t want it to appear on her husband’s record. Police had a report made to document the incident.

- Sunbanks Lake Resort reported a disturbance with four women from the Seattle area who requested a refund because of the smoke from regional wildfires. Police contacted the four, who were packing up to leave.

8/21 - Police checked on a 911 report of domestic violence on Burdin Boulevard and found a couple arguing in their backyard. The caller had stated that the man had hit his wife. Police could not determine that there was anything more than an argument, so no arrest was made.

- A woman on Burdin Boulevard was taken to Coulee Medical Center after it was learned that she had taken seven days’ of her medication in an attempt to harm herself.

- A Nespelem woman was stopped near the overlook area just above Grand Coulee Dam and admitted that her license was suspended; and police then learned of an arrest warrant on her from of Grant County. A check showed the jail there was full, so the woman was cited for the driving violation, having no insurance and a defective headlamp. The car was towed.

- Safeway officials reported that a man took a bottle of whiskey and then left the store without paying for it. The name of the person was given to police.

8/22 - A non-injury accident was reported at milepost 13 on SR-174. The driver of the vehicle was given a lift to his residence in Coulee Dam, where a Washington State Patrol officer contacted him. The car was not driveable.

- A woman on E Street told police that a cougar had been hanging out near some trees in her yard and that it had tried to eat her and her dog. The officer checked the area but couldn’t find any cougar. The woman was slurring her speech, which led the officer to state in his report that she might have been under the influence at the time.

8/23 - USBR Plant Protection advised that there was a box alongside the road near the overlook area just above Grand Coulee Dam. The officer found that it was a box of flowers.

- USBR Plant Protection advised police that there was a vehicle in a restricted area in the lower Visitor Center parking lot. The people in the vehicle told police that they were very tired and a long way from home and were just resting. The officer directed the people to a place where they could rest before continuing on.

8/24 - A patient disagreeing with her treatment was giving medical staff problems at Coulee Medical Center. An officer stood by until staff said he was no longer needed.

- USBR Plant Protection told police that a male walking his dog had left a gas container alongside the road. The officer retrieved the empty container and discarded it, but couldn’t locate the man.

- A man known to be wanted on a warrant was seen walking on Spokane Way, arrested and taken to Grant County Jail.

- A tenant at Continental Heights sprayed another tenant with pepper spray after she said she felt threatened. The man said he also had pepper spray. Police went to the scene and are still investigating the incident.

- Police served a tenant at Continental Heights with a petition for an order of protection and a hearing date.

- A tenant at Continental Heights was issued an assault citation after he struggled with another man in the lawn area outside the apartments.

8/25 - Police went to a residence on Second Street, where a man and his wife had been arguing about bills. It was reported that the woman was slapped by her daughter. The report stated that, because of conflicting reports no citations were issued.

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